Oculus Rift crossplay becomes available in Echo VR open beta today and with the update a server will open in Oceania region. This means increased opportunities for players in Australia and New Zealand.

Since the majority of Echo Arena players are currently in North America, there are challenges when you compete with someone on the other side of the world. Thanks to ping, which is basically the reaction time between your computer and the server, it can be tricky to play VR esports if you’re dealing with players in a different region.

Players such as Cameron, known in game as CamJam, are thrilled with the addition of Oceania servers.

“I started Echo Arena just about as soon as I got my Rift S,” says the 14-year-old New Zealand resident. “As soon as I loaded up into the lobby for the first time, I knew that this game was for me.”

Cameron was welcomed to the game by Italy80, an Echo VR mentor who showed him some tricks and taught him the basics of the game.

“Those acts of kindness made me determined to help the Echo VR community in any way I could,” states Cameron.

Mentors are veteran players who answer questions, teach boot camps, and offer individual training for specific skills in Echo VR. Once he reached level 50, Cameron applied and was accepted as the first Echo VR mentor from the Oceania region.

Cameron says he has made many friends in the game, but the fact that he’s so far away physically creates challenges since his ping is typically over 200. High ping creates delays in gameplay that can give the player an advantage – or a disadvantage. It can also cause crashes, which means a team is left one player short, and other issues that frustrate gamers.

“With the OCE servers coming out, I personally am very excited and look forward to taking my game to the next level!”

Players from Australia and New Zealand were so excited about the update with their own server that they’ve already planned a pick up night with times convenient to those in the OCE region. There are also discussions going on about mini-tournaments in the region.

If you’d like to participate in the Oceania region pick up nights or other events, join the Echo Games Discord server and keep an eye on community news! Also be sure to visit the bot channel and assign your regional role.

Pick Up Nights for OCE region

  • Friday, May 15 (More will be scheduled if there is interest.)
  • 1700 (5 pm) – AEST | 3 am EDT | 7 am ZULU/GMT

Echo Community

If you’d like to learn more about the OCE community, join the Echo Games Discord, check out the social media sites, and of course stay tuned to VR Fitness Insider for continued information about all VR esports.