Within’s subscription-based workout tool Supernatural recently launched on Oculus Quest and now it’s getting more affordable for long-term users with a Supernatural annual pricing option. Working in conjunction with a mobile app, it gives users different workout routines every day and has coaches (such as Jared Rodriguez, Leanna Pedante, and Antonio Harrison) that help motivate players. The game also has a number of music tracks that complement the detailed virtual reality areas players workout within.

By default, Supernatural costs $19 a month for users to use. The annual subscription will lower it to $199 a year, which is $50 cheaper than having a monthly subscription. That’s a significant amount of savings and things get even better for those that commit to the pricing soon.

Those that are founding members and sign up for the Supernatural annual pricing by May 31 will get it at an even lower price of $149. That’s a saving of $79 compared to monthly subscriptions and will cost less than $13 per month. Even better, this rate will be kept for as long as they have their membership so the price will never go up for those users.

Those looking to upgrade their membership from a monthly one to a Supernatural annual pricing one can do so either in the companion app or the game’s website. In the app, users can go to their profile, tap the settings gear and go into the “Your Membership section. After that, it’s as easy as hitting the upgrade button. Meanwhile, the website has you signing into your account and then selecting the membership and upgrade buttons (the latter can be found right under payment methods).

Within CEO Chris Milk says he built Supernatural to help people commit to exercise. Those that don’t enjoy working out often find it hard to gain the long-term benefits and enjoyment, so Supernatural is built around making that process more fun.

While supplies last, founding members also receive a free, sweat-proof silicone liner to protect your headset.