FITCADE Wants To Bring VR To Sacramento

Credit to: FITCADE

What FITCADE VR Is All About

FITCADE co-owners, Kristoffer Granger and Maly Yang Granger, are part of a Sacramento based VR game and fitness startup that has set their sights on raising money to bring people a full body VR work out or gaming experience that’s perfect for individuals, families, the young, the old, and anyone in between.

Their goal is to open up their first Sacramento location at the Westfield Galleria in Roseville, California. They’re already equipped with some VR exercise and gaming equipment, but need to raise $32,000 to reach their goal and bring the FITCADE to life. The money earned from Indiegogo will go towards game licensing, overhead costs, and leasing.

Getting funding for the VR gear will get FITCADE up and running with VR compatible gaming computers, VR headsets, an Omni Virtuix Treadmill, and TV’s for viewers to watch a playback of their session or for friends to look on as you play. They also need supplies like quality cables, hygienic disposable or washable headset covers, and green screen equipment that would make users experiences with the VR world more enjoyable.

The Benefits of FITCADE

  • Mixes gaming and fitness together. You’ll have fun blasting away fat and calories while improving your endurance as you play games, challenge your body and mind, and forget you’re working out. A great experience for first time VR users and those who are pros at it.
  • Switch it up and never get bored with your workout. New VR games are frequently being created, uploaded, updated, and optimized. Workout to a virtual boxing game like The Thrill of The Fight and many other VR games where you’ll box, weave, and sweat your way to fitness.
  • Get a 360-degree omnidirectional workout. You’ll be safely and comfortably strapped into a special platform that will give you the most realistic and sweat inducing exercise you’ve ever experienced. These 360-degree platforms take away the fear of falling, tripping, wandering too far, or running into people, objects, or walls.
  • Strap on the VR headset that’s lightweight and comfortable. Sensitive areas like your head, neck, and shoulders won’t feel heavy. You’ll be able to dial into a good workout without worrying about muscle strain from the headset.
  • Get help when you need it. Many gyms will just take your money and send you off to fend for yourself. FITCADE will help you learn the ropes of VR with one on one instruction.
  • It’s indoors. Stay out of the elements, decrease the time you’re out in the sun, and get a workout away from overpacked gyms.
  • More hygienic than a standard gym. VR gear and platforms need to be cleaned and restocked with fresh headset covers after each user.
Credit to: FITCADE

FITCADE and Esports

In the gaming world, esports is becoming increasingly popular. With the rise in esport leagues and competitions like the Oculus Rift, Intel, and ESL backed VR Challenger League and The Unspoken Tournament, it is clear that there is a fan and industry supported desire for it to exist.

What if you could watch or even participate in esports at your local VR gym? FITCADE has future plans to host and broadcast VR esports in their very own Omni Arena, an area within their business where everyday exercisers and gamers use omnidirectional platforms to battle it out and compete against each other towards victory, fitness, and bragging rights.

Future Expansion

In August of 2017, FITCADE expressed their hopes to expand their virtual gaming and workout experience on their Facebook noting, “Once we start to make some revenue, we plan to open a standalone #fitness center, where you can pay by the day or month to enter. With prices comparable to a standard gym membership!” The Granger’s have tapped into a need that hasn’t yet been met in mainstream fitness classes — creating a way for people to workout alone, together, or in competition against one another, while experiencing an immersive VR experience.


FITCADE’s priority is to help everyday people, gamers, parents, friends, and even work groups reach their fitness goals while having fun. They hope to gain supporters who will believe in their cause and help them first tackle the costs of virtual reality gear and workout equipment, so they can hit the ground running in Sacramento.

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