Credit to: VR Cover

If you are planning to use your Valve Index headset for fitness, it’s going to get sweaty. Most virtual reality devices aren’t built for this level of moisture and can become gross in a hurry. With VR Cover, you don’t have to worry about that, however, and there is now a VR Cover for the Valve Index.

Keeping things fresh

Available for $19,  the Valve Index VR Cover is designed much like the ones available for other headsets, including Oculus Quest. Using elastic straps, it is attached to the face gasket of the Index and creates a soft barrier between you and the headset. In addition to the added comfort, any sweat you have during a workout will be absorbed by the VR Cover.

When it gets too gross, you can throw it into the washing machine and put on a replacement. The pack includes two by default, so you will never be without a VR Cover. If a friend wants to try the Index, you can also quickly swap the VR Cover so they don’t have to deal with your germs. As you are selling your friends on the benefits of VR, you don’t want to accidentally get them sick!

The fabrics of the VR Cover are breathable and it’s made of cotton, so it will stay cool during your intense gaming sessions. This could actually help to reduce the total amount you sweat, as well.

For added hygiene, VR Cover also sells a starter kit that contains additional foam replacements. There are designed primarily for the HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and Oculus headsets. However, the disposable hygiene covers it includes should still work well because they use an adhesive backing. If you want to host a bunch of your friends to all play VR fitness games, this will likely be the best option. Starting at $27, it also won’t bankrupt you in the process.