Status Pro / Blachwood LLC: Marcell Pickens, Jr.

Following one of the best seasons by any quarterback in the history of the NFL, Baltimore Ravens QB and reigning MVP Lamar Jackson is now looking to dip his toes into the virtual reality space.

In a recent announcement from the sports and gaming company Status Pro, it was revealed that Jackson has now partnered with the organization to develop “The Lamar Jackson Experience” for VR devices. This new product is said to give users an authentic experience of what it is like to play pro football and uses data to “recreate authentic game scenarios, so the user can experience the game from the shoes of their favorite NFL players.” The full “The Lamar Jackson Experience” package is said to contain a VR game you can play at home, multiple arcade games, and a live activation.

“Like most people from my generation I am a huge gamer, and the first time I demo’d the Status Pro experience I was blown away by how realistic and fun it was,” said Jackson said of his new partnership. “Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to play in the NFL and now that I do, I am excited about sharing my experience with fans and especially kids through this VR gaming platform.”


“Our goal as a company has always been to create experiences powered by player’s data that brings fans as close as they’ve ever been to experiencing what it is like to play professional football,” explained Status Pro CEO and Co-Founder Troy Jones. “We want to accomplish this by aligning ourselves with NFL players and combining their experiences with our platform. Thus, giving them ownership and creative freedom to ensure we bring the most realistic products to market. Lamar Jackson’s unprecedented journey and skillset makes him the perfect partner to assist us in launching this platform. We are excited about sharing his experience with fans worldwide.”

While Jackson is now one of the most popular players in the NFL, this is surprisingly the quarterback’s first-ever endorsement that he has announced since joining the league in 2018. That said, it’s definitely not going to be his last, as Jackson recently let slip that he’ll be involved in another major video game later this year. Despite not yet being revealed by publisher Electronic Arts, Jackson has confirmed that he’ll be gracing the cover of this year’s edition of Madden, which will likely be titled Madden NFL 21.

Even though we have yet to see actual gameplay footage for The Lamar Jackson Experience, the game definitely seems like one that we’ll keep you active and moving about while playing. Jackson is widely considered one of the most energetic and spry athletes in the NFL and is constantly dodging, ducking, and spinning past opponents while on the field. If The Lamar Jackson Experience provides even half as much activity as Jackson’s own in-game antics, it’ll surely prove to make for a stellar workout.

More information on Status Pro and The Lamar Jackson Experience can be found on the company’s website. For now, no release window or price for The Lamar Jackson Experience has been given just yet, but the game is confirmed to be coming to Oculus platforms, specifically that of the Quest.