Credit to: DigitalSoulVR

VRocker, a movement app meant to increase immersion, combat motion sickness issues, and for players to stay active while playing virtual reality titles, has been announced by DigitalSoulVR. A free demo is now available on Steam, with the full app releasing tomorrow. No price is listed yet, but it will help players change how they move in games that use a joystick for movement.

The app features a variety of different options that players can choose from. For example, players can make it so that they have to perform squats or lunges in order to move around in the game world. It can potentially turn a VR title that isn’t meant for fitness into a great workout. It’s compatible with any game that uses a joystick for smooth locomotion. The options are fully customizable and players can save presets for each individual title.

“This felt like the right time to release VRocker, as people are staying indoors and many are struggling to keep up their physical health,” DigitalSoulVR founder Cem Mustafa says. “I believe that with VRocker you can stay fit while having fun, for example by playing Half-Life: Alyx, which works great with the app.”

The app might sound confusing, but thankfully there is a free demo available to check out. It’s a fully featured version of it, albeit time limited. You’ll be able to go through the in-game tutorial, see if your titles are compatible, and learn about how you can change motion options for titles.

DigitalSoulVR says that stepping while moving in virtual reality can reduce motion sickness and that beta testers have reported better results while using the app. “The majority of the testers who had suffered from VR motion sickness before reported some degree of decrease in motion sickness and more pleasant gaming experience in comparison to smooth locomotion,” says the developer.

VRocker will release tomorrow on Steam, while the demo is available now.