Even though the VR fitness subgenre has continued to grow more and more over the past few years, there are very few titles that could also be classified as party games. Luckily, one developer is now looking to change that notion if an ongoing Kickstarter campaign proves to be a success.

Coming by way of Keiron Interactive, Movin Force is a new fitness-focused VR title that puts a party game spin on things. Movin Force places players in a world called Kore where they are vying to win a legendary trophy from a certain tournament. The tournament is meant to be like a fantastical version of the Olympics and has users competing in a variety of games that are similar to different sports.

While many VR fitness games opt to not focus on injecting a storyline, Movin Force has a ton of accompanying lore. The Kore tournament features a number of different games that involved magic and tech that are from the in-game world. Players also don armor when they play, with each of the four regions from the world of Kore featuring different cosmetic styles. The games themselves are also meant to resemble the nations from which each player hails from.

When it comes to gameplay, Movin Force has you squaring off against three other players in a number of different mini-games. Of course, this is where the fitness aspect of Movin Force then comes in. Each game that you play is meant to test your speed, reflexes, and other real-life abilities that you may possess. Every game is also meant to incorporate your whole body while you play. This won’t be a title where you just move your arms about and complete some simple objectives. Movin Force is being created with fitness in mind from the get-go.

You can get a look at a rough idea of how Movin Force plays in the trailer right here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJOCZ8GlCBE&w=560&h=315]

For now, Keiron Interactive has fully-developed five different mini-games for Movin Force but it has plans for more. In total, the studio wants to establish 10 games within the Kore tournament for players to partake in. In addition, two of the four unique armor sets have also been designed at this moment.

In order to make sure that the project can get completed, however, Keiron has turned to Kickstarter. Movin Force’s campaign only began just recently and the studio is looking to raise a mere $12,148 to meet its goal. As of this writing, a little more than $2,000 has already been funded by backers.

In typical Kickstarter fashion, though, Keiron has more plans for Movin Force if everything works out properly. If the game reaches $10,000 in funds raised, an arcade, campaign, and training mode will all be able to be added to the game to go along with the aforementioned 5 new mini-games. At $15,000, a survival mode then comes into play. $25,000 will then allow Keiron to bring Movin Force to PlayStation VR while $45,000 will then let the studio implement a 4-player multiplayer game mode.

Last but not least, Keiron is also making sure that players can stay that much more engaged in Movin Force, and to that end, it is also working on creating its own soundtrack for the game. While this might not sound all that novel, the studio is making it to where the rhythm of the music that’s playing “will automatically adapt to the intensity of your playing and to the game phases.” This is something that might go unnoticed by many, but it should lead to you getting that much more enraptured in the game as you play as the music will sync up with your actions. 

All in all, Movin Force might be one of the most unique VR fitness games that we have seen come about in quite some time. Even though many other games might feature multiplayer components in the fitness subgenre, Keiron is looking to create something from the outset that is meant to be experienced with others. And with a number of different mini-games to compete in, Movin Force also looks like it could be an experience that doesn’t get old quickly. There’s a lot to like here, and assuming the game reaches its funding goal, you should keep your eye on this one.

For now, Keiron has said that Movin Force is in its pre-alpha stage. If all goes well, the studio then intends to release the game first on Oculus Quest in the third quarter of this year. It will then come to Steam in the fourth quarter and will likely be compatible with the usual array of headsets such as Valve Index, HTC Vive, and more. Multiplayer and survival modes will also roll out in this same window. Finally, PlayStation VR users can then expect to potentially see the game in early 2022.

Movin Force’s Kickstarter page can be visited right here if you’re interested. Its campaign will wrap up later next month and will end on March 25.