It’s not every day that you see two completely different games team-up for a cross-promotional event, but that’s exactly what is now happening between VR rhythm titles OhShape and Synth Riders.

In a new content update that has been pushed out to both OhShape and Synth Riders, each game has now received a new map featuring the track Delight from artist Jamie Berry. This update has been made entirely free in both games and developers Kluge Interactive and Odderslab are said to “have been working side by side to get fun and nice looking maps that flow smoothly in both games.”

What’s the purpose of this crossover you might be asking? Well, both OhShape and Synth Riders are now part of a bundle that you can snag on the Oculus Store. This package contains both games and typically retails for $39.98. However, you can currently get both titles for 30% off of this price for $27.99 for a brief time. All in all, it’s a good opportunity to add both games to your Oculus library if you haven’t already.


“We think this collaboration is the beginning of a great way to explore synergies between our games and our communities, and it’s been great to tag team it with our friends at OhShape,” said Synth Riders and Kluge Interactive CEO game Arturo Pérez of this new move. “We are always looking to push the boundaries of the VR rhythm genre and are proud to be the first to bring a collaborative approach to our updates.”

“When we discussed the idea with our pals at Synth Riders, we immediately knew we would be able to come up with something special,” explained Odderslab’s Business Manager, Jaime Pichardo. “The fact this was never approached this way in the VR rhythm game space, we just jumped on it to pilot what will hopefully become the standard of the collaboration between VR titles. What’s even more exciting… this is just a small part of the ideas we’ve started cooking together to get the most for our players.”

As one last mentionable, both Odderslab and Kluge Interactive are holding a contest over the next few weeks in their respective games, too. In what is being called the “Collab Delight”, the communities surrounding Synth Riders and OhShape are being encouraged to compete for the highest score on the leaderboard for this music track that has been added to each game. At the end of the month on June 30, the developers will be announcing the winners of this contest live on stream together. Oddly enough, though, no prize or spoils for the winners have been mentioned, but you would have to imagine that there will be some sort of reward.

Until that time, you can visit the official OhShape and Syth Riders websites for more information. Conversely, you can also check out the new trailer attached above which gives you a preview of the new song that has been brought in to each title.