Pavlov VR Master League Season 6 Championships Set for May


Registration for the Pavlov VR Master League Season 6 Championship is open and the world’s top teams will soon be competing for the title of grand champion, bragging rights, and prizes worth a total value over $1,000.

Davevillz’ Pavlov is a popular multiplayer VR first-person shooter that maintains some of the most impressive numbers in Steam charts for VR games. The community boasts over 12,000 members and an active competitive scene with the VR Master League (VRML) as well as a Player vs Player League, community map-making, and more. There is also an active Discord community.

The game itself boasts a wide variety of game modes, guns, attachments, and maps. It was brought into the VR Master League in 2017 and has grown each season.

The regular Pavlov VRML season ends on April 26 and any team can register for the season 6 championship set to begin May 2.


  • Challenger Cup Registrations: April 21 to May 1
  • Challenger Cup: May 2 & 3
  • Challenger Cup Final: May 3 to 9
  • Round-Robin: May 9 & 10
  • Semifinals and Finals: May 16 & 17


The Pavlov VR Master League Season 6 Championship will begin with a Challenger Cup on May 2 and 3, then finals will take place throughout the next week. On May 10, the Challenger Cup winner will take their place with the top ranked teams from the regular season.

The Challenger Cup is designed as an opportunity for lower ranked teams to qualify for the round-robin. Winners of the round-robin will advance to a semi-finals on May 16.


Winners will receive a prize package with ProTube merchandise and coupons plus cash and a gift card from Rebuff Reality.

  • ProTube merchandise/coupons (value of 800€)
  • Rebuff Reality (value of $100 USD gift-card + $100 USD in cash)

How to Register

You can register here to participate in the Pavlov VRML Season 6 Championship.

Where to Watch

You can tune in for professionally cast VR esports competitions throughout the month of May as VR Master League streams season championships of Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena, Downpour Interactive’s Onward, and of course Pavlov.

Watch Pavlov on the VRML Twitch channels.

VR Master League

The VRML is a community-driven platform dedicated to community involvement for some of the most competitive games in VR. Learn more about the VR Master League through their social media channels and of course stay tuned to VR Fitness Insider for future coverage.