Credit to: Five Mind Creations

If you’ve been having fun (and getting in shape) playing PowerBeatsVR but are tired of its song selection, developer Five Mind Creations has a solution. The game’s latest update allows you to auto-generate workouts using your own music library. Yes, your dream of turning Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff” into a perfect workout routine are now a reality.

Work out to the beat of your own drum

Previously, PowerBeatsVR added custom song support. However, this didn’t create a beatmap automatically based on the audio files. Using the latest version, all local music files can get the workout treatment. You can also choose between three difficulty levels for these workout routines. You can fine-tune the levels once they’re created if there is something specific you want to change.

Alongside the auto-generation tool, the update also improved the game’s existing level editor. You can choose songs via an in-game browser if you still wish to create custom beat maps. You can also save and load custom patterns in order to make level editing more efficient. Smaller changes have been made to mechanics like the strength and activity bonuses as well as in-game indicators. There are also new modifiers for things walls and speed.

PowerBeatsVR was designed with VR in mind, with punching, squatting, and dodging all done with regularity. With your own music backing that up, it should be even easier to stay motivated and keep working to the end of your allotted time.

The game features a leaderboard system as well as a calorie tracker so that you can make sure you’re using your time effectively. You’ll find developer-created beat maps alongside the custom ones you use for your own songs. The game was a finalist at our own VR Fitness Awards last year, holding its own against other heavyweights like BoxVR and Pistol Whip.