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During last week’s VR Game Roundup, we saw an adaptation of wheelchair basketball, a game where you make ramen for customers, and a new multiplayer shooter called Hyper Dash. Sadly, this week doesn’t have much of anything noteworthy besides The Climb 2. While this week is certainly lacking in quantity, there is a lot to like about The Climb 2 and there are a few other titles that might interest you, so let’s take a look at Crytek’s latest release, a new virtual reality rhythm title, and a game that will test your spatial reasoning.

The Climb 2

Kicking off VR Fitness Insider’s VR Game Roundup is The Climb 2, which is by and far the best fitness game to come out this week. A sequel to Crytek’s hit 2016 VR title has players once again climbing to new heights and getting to take in some amazing views. This time around, you get to explore a city setting that also features caves to check out in addition to skyscrapers to make your way up. Competitive players will love its asynchronous multiplayer modes, so there is plenty to like.

Fitness Potential

VR Fitness Insider has a full in-depth review of The Climb 2 and awarded it a Fit Score of 7.5 out of 10 (and a game score of 9 out of 10). With some fun social competition, plenty of fitness scalability, and replayability, The Climb 2 is a solid arm workout for anyone looking for a new title to check out. You’ll be holding your arms above your head constantly, which will make your arms and shoulders burn over time. It’s not much of a leg workout, although it will use your core as you stretch and reach for objects to grip onto. Overall, it stays to the same formula as the original and has a ton of content, which makes it a solid sequel worth picking up for fans of the original.

Developer and Publisher: Crytek

Release Date: March 4, 2021

Compatible With: Oculus Quest

Price: $29.99

Link: Oculus Store


The latest virtual reality rhythm game to hit the marketplace is BoomBox. This Early Access title has players moving both arms to exercise while hitting drum pads that fly at you. That’s not all as you’ll be ducking out of the way from obstacles as well. It features 16 songs with varying difficulties and five unique environments to play in. There’s an in-depth song editor for players to make their own tracks and global leaderboards for those with a competitive itch.

Fitness Potential

BoomBox will have you constantly using both arms to hit drum pads, so expect a solid arm workout. Your legs and core will also be used as you duck and dodge out of the way of obstacles, so this is a solid total body workout. Fast-paced songs will get you sweating, and the multiple difficulties make it a solid pick-up for any fitness enthusiast no matter if they are an expert or a beginner.

Developer and Publisher: Cyberspline Games Inc

Release Date: February 26, 2021

Compatible With: Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality

Price: $12.99

Link: Steam


Finishing this week’s VR Game Roundup is Orbatron, which is a puzzle and action game newly added to Steam. There are five different gameplay modes on offer, which all feature different goals. In total, there are 93 levels with leaderboards and achievements in place. It promises to test your reflexes, focus, and spatial reasoning.

Fitness Potential

While it won’t really be a fantastic workout and you won’t burn a ton of calories while playing, it will help with your reflexes and focus. This is an important area that can be overlooked by some other fitness games, but this probably isn’t the best place to hone that if you’re looking to get in shape at the same time. If you dig its look and variety, though, it is worth checking out.

Developer and Publisher: Tobias Miller

Release Date: March 1, 2021

Compatible With: Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

Price: $12.74 ($14.99)

Link: Steam

That marks the end of this week’s VR Game Roundup. In the comments below, let us know if you are picking up The Climb 2 or if we missed any hidden gems.