VR esports fans should draw their weapons and start practicing now for a chance to win some of the $10,000 prize pool in the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) Pistol Whip VR Tournament that will take place over three weekends in March.

Designed from the ground up with VR competitions in mind, Pistol Whip is an action rhythm shooter game from Cloudhead Games that can make players feel Wild West gunslingers as they shoot, dodge, and “whip” their enemies on their way through creatively designed environments with EDM soundtracks pounding in the background.

“Cloudhead is ecstatic to see Pistol Whip enter VR esports with its first Virtual Athletic League tournament,” states Jo Dunlop, head of business development and marketing from Cloudhead Games. “We look forward to watching the variety of playstyles Pistol Whip encourages in the race to the top.”

In fact, Pistol Whip is an engaging experience for spectators in the mixed reality format pioneered by LIV, a technology platform that enables VR creators to interact with audiences in real-time.

“VR spectatorship and esports is an area of passion for us at LIV,” says Aj Shewki, CEO of LIV. “We’ve powered mixed reality for VAL, Oculus, and Cloudhead Games in the past and are super excited to be  partner for this giant tournament. We expect killer moves to be on display!”

According to Michael Festa, Chief Business Officer of SpringboardVR, “This is the first large-scale event to bridge the home and arcade VR communities together around a top-rated game, and SpringboardVR is excited to support it.”


The Virtual Athletics League Pistol Whip Tournament will take place over three weekends in March. There will be an online competition for players around the world on March 13-14 who can compete with their home VR setup. A global VR arcade competition will be hosted by SpringboardVR on March 19-22. At the close of the arcade competition, the top three finalists from either the home or arcade section will be flown to Salt Lake City to compete in a grand finals event at the VAL headquarters on March 29.

  • March 13-14: worldwide tournament, open to anyone
  • March 19-22: global VR arcade competition
  • March 29: grand finals in Salt Lake City


The $10,000 prize pool has contributions from Oculus, iBUYPOWER, Springboard, and LIV. Competitors will also battle for bragging rights in this premier worldwide Pistol Whip VR tournament. In addition to cash, giveaways will include Oculus Rift S VR systems, swag, custom mixed reality avatars from Wolf3d, and other VIP packages.

Social Media Contest

In concurrence with the high score tournament, creators and influencers will have the opportunity to show their skills and the magic of VR in a LIV-powered social media contest powered that will be hosted by VAL and VRespawn.


Experienced broadcasts teams from the VR Master League (VRML) and VRespawn will be streaming the competition on Twitch and Facebook Gaming platforms. Logistical support will also be provided by Splitverse, a virtual reality application developer and mixed reality production specialty company that highlights amazing moments in VR gaming.