Credit to: Spellbook

The full-featured VR boxing game Virtual Boxing League is gearing up for a full release after previously being in Steam Early Access. Now free of (most) bugs and sporting some new features, the updated version will also come with a price increase. If you want to buy it before that happens, you still have time!

New and improved

New features added for Virtual Boxing League’s full release include Valve Index support and additional control options. The base boxing experience remains the same, with five ladders of fighters to challenge and realistic physics for authentic gameplay. Fights are intense, as you need to protect yourself and deliver your own shots quickly in order to be successful. Numbers flashing on screen as you fight help you keep track of how much damage you’re doing.

Alongside the traditional boxing mode are five radically different mini-games. One called “Ball Blaster,” we found similar to BoxVR during our review, while Ping Pong Punch is a unique spin on table tennis — kind of. The mini-games aren’t the main events, but they do help you to develop different areas of your boxing skills. They’re also the perfect way to get in a workout when you aren’t in the mood for a standard fight and want to go to a carnival, instead.

Virtual Boxing League has a planned online multiplayer component, as well. In this mode, you’ll be able to either fight other players, or spectate live matches. Special in-game currency will even be available to “bet” for potential new gear, and there will be online tournaments. For the ability to spectate, bet, or check statistics on the go, there will also be a mobile companion app.

The full version of Virtual Boxing League arrives August 16 for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality. The game currently costs $19.99 on Steam.