VR Central, a community built by gamers for gamers, is taking registrations for The Onward Brawler Tournament that will take place on Saturday, June 19 starting at 3 pm EDT. Prizes include gun stock packages from Mamut, VR gaming mats from Proximat, and cash.

One of the most popular VR first-person mil-sims on the market, Onward is a tactical multiplayer shooter that boasts real combat mechanics, a variety of maps, and has been developed from the ground up for virtual reality. In July 2020, Onward arrived on the Oculus Quest and last April Facebook acquired Downpour Interactive, the studio behind the hit game. The community continues to thrive and grow rapidly as increasing numbers of gamers discover VR esports.

About the Tournament

The Onward Brawler Tournament will feature two brackets:  The Gladiator Division (higher skill level) and The Pugilist Division (lower skill level). Team captains can determine which bracket would be the best fit for their team and register for the one they want to compete in. (The higher skilled bracket offers a greater prize incentive.)

Onward teams are made up of five team members so the $50 per team entry fee equates to $10 per person. (There’s an additional $10 if teams want a stand-by teammate). A full 5-person team is required to participate in the event and the event isn’t affiliated with any particular league, but league teams are allowed to participate or new teams can be formed.

This event will feature a double elimination layout so each team has the opportunity to fight their way back to the top even if they lose against the first team they’re matched with.

The standard game mode will be uplink and the lobby must be “competitive.” The following maps will be featured during the tournament:  Sand, Quarantine, Arctic, Bazaar, Paradise, and Suburbia (only if required during finals).

A complete list of rules and layout of the tournament can be found here.

Quick Reference

  • Onward Brawler Tournament
  • Saturday, June 19
  • Begins at noon PDT / 3 pm EDT
  • 5v5
  • Double elimination brackets in 2 divisions
  • Standard game mode: Uplink
  • Registration closes Thursday, June 17


Cash prizes will be determined by the number of participants and outside sponsorships. Two-thirds of the cash prize pool will go to the winners of the Gladiators Division and one-third will go to winners of the Pugilist Division.


Each member of the winning team (5 players) of each division will also receive a Mamut gunstock package valued at $225. Mamut has been providing high quality VR products since 2016 and they’ve actively supported leagues, players, and VR game devs.


Proximat, another company that regularly supports VR esports, is sponsoring the tournament with Proximats going to players who can capture the objective. Three Proximats will go to the first three players to get an objective cap in the Gladiator Division and one Proximat will be awarded to the first person to achieve an objective capture in the Pugilist Division.

How to Register

VR Central is a community that consists mostly of VR gamers who play games, do reviews, create videos, and hang out. You can learn more about this VR gaming community and The Onward Brawler Tournament on the VR Central Discord server. If you want to participate in the event, message WiseDirector#5880 when you join the Discord server and he’ll assist you.

For more information or to watch the event streamed live, visit the VR Central Twitch or YouTube channels or subscribe to their social media channels.