Virtual reality is poised to change society. From enriching exercise to ameliorating medical procedures, phobia relief, tourism, real estate and beyond, virtual reality is proving quite dynamic. In particular, VR has radically altered gaming. It is quite possible that virtual reality gaming will overtake traditional console gaming in a decade or less. VR is that captivating and immersive.

VR’s Motion Control

One of the major differences between VR gaming and conventional gaming is that most VR games incorporate motion controls. Though a handful of consoles have successfully incorporated motion control technology, none compare to VR. Virtual reality games work in tandem with extremely precise motion controls for all sorts of gaming purposes. From swinging a baseball bat in virtual reality baseball games to landing uppercuts in boxing games, swinging lightsabers, replicating the experience of flying and beyond, VR motion controls make the game player feel as though virtual reality is real. If one were to segue from a VR gaming experience with motion controls to the motion controls provided by the Wii, Xbox Kinect or PlayStation Move, he would notice a massive decline in responsiveness and accuracy. The physics of VR gaming really are significantly better than those provided by console games.

Full Immersion

Those who have tried the latest VR video games often compare them to entering the matrix. These games look and feel realistic to the point that it is easy to forget that the experience is virtual rather than real. This immersion is attributable to the rapidly improving graphical quality of VR games. Though the first VR games featured somewhat unimpressive graphics, the technology and consequently, the games’ aesthetics are advancing quite rapidly. Virtual reality gaming could reach the point at which the virtual realm becomes nearly indistinguishable from reality.

VR is Even Changing Gambling

Numerous gambling websites and gambling-oriented companies are incorporating virtual reality into their products. Though you can count the number of virtual reality casinos on one hand, the field is set to explode in popularity in the coming months and years. Virtual reality gambling has already reached the point where players can create their own casino rooms in which they can connect with virtual slot games and tables to play for real money. All that is necessary is a VR-ready computer and a VR headset such as the Oculus Rift. Gamblers make use of a game controller or a computer keyboard to control their virtual reality avatar’s actions. It is quite surreal to explore a casino in virtual reality, engage in a game and win or lose actual money.

One of the more interesting aspects of VR casinos is their incredible level of graphical detail. These virtual spaces can be explored from top to bottom. It is even possible to look out of VR casino windows and observe the outside world in exquisite detail. One can only imagine how VR gambling will evolve in the years to come. Perhaps people will be able to don the Oculus Rift headset and venture into virtual reality replicas of the Las Vegas strip or Atlantic City and gamble real money on whatever game suits their fancy.

A Word About Augmented Reality

Those who have used the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming device or played Pokemon GO on their smartphone will testify to the magic of augmented reality gaming. This technology uses digital graphics on screens to alter one’s surroundings, making it seem as though video game elements exist in the real-world.

It probably won’t be long until augmented reality makes a casino or other highly nuanced virtual environment out of one’s everyday surroundings. Such technology will likely prove so enthralling that some gamers will spend more time in augmented and virtual realities than actual reality.