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Is stuffing your glasses into your Oculus, Vive, or PSVR headset uncomfortable? Or do you, the creative team at your studio, or members of your business need a vision solution that will extend the life of your everyday glasses and prevent damage to expensive peripheral lenses? Bespectacled VR enthusiasts that are nearsighted or farsighted have a cost-effective solution with VR Lens Lab, a VR compatible prescription lens company that is in partnership between VR Cover and Gauss Eyewear.

Visions of VR

Credit to: VR Lens Lab

Is everyone astonished at how clear and crisp games and experiences are in VR and then you dive in and what you see are distortions and blurring? We know the feeling. We had a big case of VR FOMO (fear of missing out) until we found out about VR Lens Lab. If this sounds like you, you’re likely missing out on seeing important detail and it probably feels like your glasses are going to snap in two when you tighten the straps to the peripheral. Join the rest of us glasses peeps in switching over to VR Lens Lab.

Clearly see the sweeping views of a high-quality AAA VR game, a relaxing virtual meditation spot, or play action-packed games for fitness without having to squint to see detail or straining to focus. VR Lens Lab has both standard lenses and RABS lenses that are thinner and lighter than regular glasses lenses and frames and will help clear up the added visual distortion that the curve of glasses layered on top of VR lenses can create for the wearer. This reduction in weight takes a huge burden off of the wearer’s face and nose and lessens the pressure felt on sensitive temples.

VR Lens Lab prescription lens inserts (39+ Euro, $47+ depending on prescription and lens quality) are made especially for individual types of headsets. Meaning that the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the PlayStation VR lenses will each have their own unique shape and a pair of adapters that go with it. So, if you have more than one kind of headset or own all 3 types, you’ll need to purchase a set of lenses for each. The lab also has a new optical solution out now called VR Lens Lab VR Frames (49+ Euro, $59+ depending on prescription and lens quality), which are actual lightweight glasses with anti-fog lenses that fit inside the headset and can be worn out of the headset with any sport that requires a mask, their site reports.

Simply get your eyes examined, get a prescription from the optometrist, and then input the values into the product selection screen before purchasing. VR Lens Lab shared, “our lenses are for both near and farsightedness. Eye distance prescription should consist of sphere (correction for near and far sighted), cylinder and axis (correction for astigmatism), A positive sphere indicates that you are long-sighted, if you are short-sighted, your prescription should be negative.” They can also accommodate custom requests if you’ve got a higher prescription. Their lense inserts with adaptors are easily put in and can be just as easily removed when switching between players, team members, or users.


Seeing is Believing

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VR Lens Lab is helping us sight challenged individuals see VR games more clearly, are extending the life of glasses and peripheral lenses and is saving us all money in the long term. Powering through the blur and distortion in VR can cause some people to get headaches, feel disorientation, dizziness, and can even induce VR motion sickness. Wearing proper lenses can keep your eyes focused, reduces eye strain and tiredness, but also gives the eye and lense space to breathe, which also helps keep bacteria and friction away from the eyes and eyelashes.

Not only are the removable lenses and frames going to give you an improved immersive and embodied experience, they’ll also give you a way to clean lenses without having to touch the actual VR lenses. Keeping away smudged fingerprints, moisture from cleaning or sweat, and friction from glasses is going to keep lenses in tip-top shape. VR Lens Lab inserts and frames are designed to help improve the quality of what you see and also helps improve the quality of your life.

Where To Find VR Lens Lab

You can find VR Lens Lab on their site or you can connect with them and tag them on Twitter and Facebook.

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