Credit to: Reddoll Srl, IVP, Merge Games

Have a ping pong table but can’t practice against anyone before you have to face your friends in a competitive match? With VR Ping Pong Pro, you can hone your skills and become a master that Forrest Gump would even fear. If you don’t have those aspirations, it’ll still be a great way to burn calories.

The sequel to 2016’s VR Ping Pong game, VR Ping Pong Pro aims to be a realistic take on the tremendously fast sport. The game makes use of a realistic physics system that includes ball-spinning, and several environments to choose from. You can feel like you’re in a global championship event from the comfort of your living room. There are eight in all, including an arcade for those looking for something less stressful. You can also change the skin of your racket for something that fits your personality. We think we’ll go with the adorable panda.

In the tournament mode, you can work on beating the competition with your racket skills. There are also mini-games to choose from to improve different areas of your game. If you need work on shot placement, for instance, you can hit the ball at stacked cups and attempt to knock over specific ones. With five difficulty levels, you don’t need to have any previous ping pong experience to enjoy the game, either.

Once you’ve become a master, you can head online to compete in online multiplayer. We’re sure some experts are going to be competing right off the bat, so you’ll need to make sure you’re ready to face a challenge. When played at a high level, ping pong can be just as physical as traditional tennis. The short distance between players also means it can be much faster, as well.

VR Ping Pong Pro is set to release this October for PlayStation VR and PC VR platforms.