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Audioshield VR Game Review – Break a Sweat Listening to Your Own Music Library

Audioshield is the original virtual reality rhythm game, birthing the medium’s most popular, some might argue derivative genre when it launched way back in 2016. Immediately a hit with Steam VR users, Audioshield racked...

Audioshield Coming to Oculus Quest – Play Your Own Music!

If you got into VR in the past couple of years you could be forgiven for thinking Beat Saber was the game that spawned virtual reality’s rhythm genre. Not so. Audioshield, developed by Dylan...

Audioshield Modder 1.5 Puts Audioshield On Steroids

I can’t dance. I try to do the world a solid by doing as little of it as possible, lest I irreparably scar some innocent bystander for life. Audioshield is perfect for somebody like...

Audioshield was Never as Insane as McOsu

If you ever thought that even the insane mods for Audioshield was never enough for you, now there’s something that will relieve that masochistic need. McOsu has been out for quite some time, but...

Shield Yourself from Your Music (and get super fit) with Audioshield

Back in the early days of music based games, a game called AudioSurf was made. This was one of the first and most widely know audio games to incorporate music as an obstacle in...

Move it Up VR Game Review- Fight Dancing with Friends

When it comes to the rhythm genre of VR games, it becomes tough after a while to truly distinguish one from the other. There are the titans of this genre which include Beat Saber,...
Holopoint Quest VR Game Review

Holopoint Oculus Edition VR Game Review: The Ultimate Archery Challenge!

Holopoint Oculus Edition is the name given by developer Alzan Studios to its mobile port of the legendary Steam, PC VR classic workout game Holopoint. When this game released way back in 2016 it...
Single player VR

Top 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Play VR Fitness Games More Often

Motivating yourself to play VR fitness games can be tough sometimes, especially if you don't change the rotation of games you play or you don't promote the right habits throughout the rest of your...

KongFusion VR Game Review- Go Ninja Go!

The rhythm game is something that has found its way into the core of the VR world. We have numerous titles to choose from such as Beat Saber, Audioshield, and countless others. There’s one...

Rhythm VR Fitness Games – Which Is Right For You?

Many of the best virtual reality fitness games are in the rhythm genre. While some have you dancing to music, others use it to help complement the gameplay and guide the player's movements. To make it...
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