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Echo VR Rift/Quest Crossplay Open Beta Brings Great News for Oceania Players

Oculus Rift crossplay becomes available in Echo VR open beta today and with the update a server will open in Oceania region. This means increased opportunities for players in Australia and New Zealand. Since the...

Echo VR Quest Community Testing to Continue in Closed and Open Betas

Echo VR on the Quest closed beta starts Monday and is the third phase in a series of rollouts from Ready At Dawn as they port the game over to the portable Oculus headset. Although...

Echo VR Boot Camps Return in November

Echo VR Boot Camps, a player-driven initiative designed to help players achieve their full potential in the game, will resume on November 4. Experienced mentors teach a series of lessons that encourage mastery of...

Echo VR Devs Regain Control of AI Bots; New Player Patch Released

Despite widespread rumors last week that Ready At Dawn had released a new player patch in Echo VR where players could compete with AI opponents, the patch actually had to be delayed due to...

Touch of Holiday Cheer Comes to VR Esports with Echo Arena Snowflake Cup

The coolest tournament in VR esports, the Echo Arena Snowflake Cup, will take place in a one-day event on December 16 for the Oceania region and a two-day event on December 19 and 20...

Oceania Community Presents 2v2 Echo Arena VR Esports Tournament

The Oceania (OCE) Echo VR community will host an OCE Echo Arena 2v2 tournament on November 28. As a result of the committed leadership team that regularly hosts such as this, the community continues...

Echo Arena VR Master League Season 3 Will Begin Jan. 4

Echo Arena VR Master League Season 3 will kick off on January 4 with changes to the community structure of the league. The date reflects a slightly longer period between seasons due to the holidays,...

Registration Opens for Echo Arena Rookie Cup VR Esports Event

Newcomers to Ready At Dawn’s popular zero-gravity virtual reality game Echo Arena have an opportunity to join up with other rookies and a veteran coach to compete for glory and prizes in the Quest...

Echo Combat Flamingo League Announces Partnership with VAL and VRFI

The Echo Combat Flamingo League announced today a partnership with the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) and VR Fitness Insider that will include participation in the upcoming VR Fitness Summit as well as sponsorship for...

VR Esports Continue to Grow in Oceania Region with Echo Arena OCE Cup

The competitive community for Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena has grown significantly in the Oceania region since servers opened there on May 12 in conjunction with the game’s Rift / Quest open beta. Over...
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