HoloGolf with HoloLens

The world of AR has been a leery topic as of late with many of the biggest corporations looking into ways where AR can be applied. Apple, as an example, had a tendency to...

Will your VR Fitness Experience Fall Prey to the “Pepsi Challenge”?

One of the largest failures in corporate history was the launch of New Coke in 1985. Your VR app or product might have the same destiny. So what happened? Coca-Cola was losing market share to...

VR Holiday Gift Guide For 2017

The holidays are coming, and VR sales are through the roof. More people are discovering VR is immersive and fits into the home with only a few small modifications. There are several ways to...

Making VR Fitness Welcoming to Newcomers

VR Fitness checks all the right boxes. Does it provide workouts for all possible intensity levels? Check. Does it lower the perceived exertion of exercising, enabling better performance? Check. Does it make timed workouts...

VR: Your Gateway to Going from Couch to Fit in 2018

There are a variety of reasons why our New Year resolution to get fit every year doesn’t work or falls flat quickly. Of course, getting fit is difficult and takes time but the reasons...

VR Invades Scouting at the Professional Level

Paul Brown asked NFL players in the 1950s to complete a simple task: dash for 40 yards. The physical test provides an easy assessment of a player’s skill, and it’s quantifiable. You can take...

The Vive Tracker | The Key to Pro Level Conditioning in VR

HTC created a $99 device that adds real-world tactile objects into the game world. Dubbed the Vive Tracker, its most novel use was in apps like VR Chat. Users would attach them to their...

VR Fitness Gaming Report Card 2018

2018 flew by in the VR world. It’s crazy to think how much progress we’ve made as a platform and as a fitness tool. Developers are finally embracing the physicality of VR and players...

How I Became a VR Fitness Believer

I’m a conventional gamer, but I’m eclectic. I like many genres, some of my favorites being shmups and fighting games. I just finished Red Dead, I went most of the way through most Bethesda...

Cybershoes Reaches its IndieGoGo Funding Goal in Just 48 Hours

VR makes a promise that critics argue it sometimes falls short of: your body as the controller. There are plenty of full body experiences in VR, so this claim is already pretty far out...