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BoxVR on Oculus Quest is the Killer Gym Class Workout You Can Take Anywhere!

BoxVR has been a staple of virtual reality fitness for the past two years, even winning our 2017 Fitness Title of the Year award. It’s easy to forget that for all that time it...

BOXVR Comes to PlayStation VR With More Than 50 New Songs

We’ve sung the praises of the VR fitness game BOXVR for last few years, but PlayStation VR players were previously unable to enjoy it. That changes today with the game’s launch on the platform,...

BOXVR, CREED: Rise To Glory and Many Other VR Fitness Games Coming to Oculus...

Oculus Quest gives VR fitness enthusiasts the chance to enjoy the virtual reality experience without being tethered to a system or wires. It’s shaping up to drastically alter how we work out in VR,...

Why We Still Think Beat Saber, The Thrill of the Fight, and BOXVR Form...

When played together, these three fundamental VR fitness titles form the backbone of a complete full-body workout. Following the initial ground floor of consumer-grade 6DOF VR landing in 2017, the catalog has filled up with...

VR Fitness Fan Creates a BOXVR Playlist Manager Plugin

BOXVR enthusiast, Josh Johnson decided that he would make life a little easier for all of us BOXVR Fans. Josh created a plugin that manages playlists for BOXVR.  This is a feature that a lot of us...

BOXVR Developer FitXR Secures $1.25 Million In Seed Funding

BOXVR is a VR Fitness game we have a lot of experience with, here at the VRFI studios. We have logged hundreds of hours swinging away at those pesky little orbs all while burning a massive amount of...

Bill Loses 90 Pounds With Beat Saber, BOXVR, Weights and Healthy Eating!

Bill Lindsay's weight climbed to almost 400 pounds but he stopped it before it got any higher with VR and fitness. We had a chat with Bill about the games he plays to keep...

BoxVR releases August Update, new cue set, workouts and music!

If you’ve been using your VR headset as a fitness tool for any period of time, chances are high that you are already familiar with BoxVR. We voted it our Fitness Game of the...

How To Build A Full Body Beginner to Advanced Workout Routine With BOXVR

BOXVR is a trainer curated rhythm boxing game that’s in early access on Steam and is a cardio-heavy workout that uses your own bodyweight for conditioning. Readers who are getting back into the swing of...

BOXVR Gets Group Workout Update and Itunes Support!

Yesterday, the FitXR Team announced that their Vive, Oculus, and Windows Mixed Reality compatible VR boxing workout, BOXVR, has gone from solo boxer to multiplayer! The update to the workout app had another surprise...