YUR.fit ratings

The YUR.fit app is compatible with many of the best VR fitness games and allows players to monitor their fitness ranking via a virtual watch called the Yur.watch. Several games support the SDK, which is now available on the Unity Store, such as Audio Trip and Synth Riders. Now YUR is taking it a step further and providing YUR.fit games that will tell you how much of a workout a virtual reality title is.

There are five categories that the games factor into ranging from being the equivalent of walking to biking. The highest-rated game, which is measured by the amount of calories burned per minute, is Thrill of the Fight. It’s the first game to get the biking equivalency with 9.6 calories per minute being measured. The top five is rounded out by Audio Trip, Beat Saber, BoxVR, and Supernatural, which all have a rowing equivalency. There are plenty of titles listed right now, including non-fitness titles like Half-Life Alyx (which has a 2.7 calories per minute rating), and even more will come in the future.

YUR tells VR Fitness Insider that “because [the] data is pulled from the largest possible subset of users it will be the most accurate.” Other fitness data is also collected, such as the number of squats performed per hour.

Check out the top 15 YUR.fit ratings:

  1. The Thrill of the Fight – 9.6 kcal per min (biking)
  2. Audio Trip – 7.9 kcal per min (rowing)
  3. Beat Saber – 7.9 kcal per min (rowing)
  4. BoxVR – 7.5 kcal per min (rowing)
  5. Supernatural – 6.9 kcal per min (rowing)
  6. OhShape – 6.9 kcal per min (rowing)
  7. Until You Fall – 6.8 kcal per min (rowing)
  8. Synth Riders – 6.8 kcal per min (rowing)
  9. Pistol Whip – 6.7 kcal per min (rowing)
  10. Racket NX – 5.9 kcal per min (tennis)
  11. Blade & Sorcery – 5.1 kcal per min (tennis)
  12. Superhot VR – 4.6 kcal per min (tennis)
  13. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – 4.0 kcal per min (elliptical)
  14. Sairento VR – 3.5 kcal per min (eliptical)
  15. Echo VR – 3.3 kcal per min (elliptical)