Credit to: Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

VR Fitness Insider had an opportunity of a lifetime to step in the demo of The Champ’s VR fitness training experience during CES 2018! We got to see Floyd Mayweather as a virtual avatar of himself as he coached us to weave, jab, and hook for a full body workout.

Boxing fans, gamers, and our readers who are looking to get healthier and more fit must pop into Mayweather’s Boxing + Fitness gym and virtual experience at the end of January to see what it’s like to train with Mayweather. Keep reading for more information!

Boxing + Fitness Gyms

Floyd Mayweather announces his Boxing + Fitness VR Experience at CES 2018!

With 20 years of boxing experience, Floyd Mayweather has announced that he’ll be opening cutting-edge boxing gyms, where participants can gain lean muscle and shed that winter coat. No matter your existing fitness level, this tech gym will help anyone reach their goal to look and feel good with consistent exercise.

“Boxing gave me a platform to become a world-class athlete, and I’m using those skills to build a global fitness platform that will help people to train better and smarter,” said Floyd Mayweather in a statement the opening day of CES 2018. 

Like most commercial gyms, Mayweather gyms supply their members with group classes, weights, cardio machines, boxing, HIIT exercises, and personal training. Floyd’s gym will also work you like a real boxer, with speed bag drills, the faithful jump rope, and lots of core and upper body work, or a boxers most important muscle groups.

The first Mayweather Boxing + Fitness location is set to open at 6221 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California 90048, on January 27th.  

Mayweather In VR

The action shot! Mayweather’s Boxing VR Experience at CES!

Mayweather’s Boxing + Fitness Virtual Reality experience is a 12-week long program that increases in difficulty as you progress towards your goals. The VR gear — the headset and hand controls will monitor how fast and hard your punch combos are, while it also tracks how many calories you’ve been torching.

In a statement the tech-inspired boxer said, “I’ve seen how the fitness industry has evolved; and now we’re taking it to the next level, not only by incorporating the workouts that I used throughout my career, but also by investing in cutting-edge technology and making that a core part of our offering.”

His gym is already captivating boxing fans and looks to be a most fitting challenge for seasoned gym goers while still being an effective entry level workout with the fun of VR attached to it.

Put those gloves up! We got to demo Mayweather’s VR Boxing Experience at CES!

Do you get bored easily while exercising and need more adrenaline and action to sustain you? Train using a speed bag, striking bag, or try shadow boxing — the Champ’s got your VR workout covered. The virtual boxing experience will immerse you in another world and show you how to train with Floyd on a beach in the winter time or other exciting locations.

Mix it up! Step in the ring and take on tough contenders while amping up your cardio for the week (and then some) in a glove vs. glove boxing match. Then, grab some friends with shiny new fitness resolutions to conquer and bring in 2018 by playing Mayweather’s Fitness League. Compete against each other or with other VR gamers online. There’s a membership fee involved and you can up the motivation factor by keeping track of scores and other fitness data.

Floyd’s Fitness App

Credit to: Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

If you have a light speed lifestyle where travel, work, and busy schedules are involved, you can get a full body workout right from a smartphone. Mayweather’s digital coaching and fitness app can teach their app users boxing fundamentals, show you Floyd’s favorite workout routines, and can even help locate Mayweather gyms.

Stay on top of your goals by acquiring workout points, setting a fitness schedule, and keeping track of your workouts all in one place. No one can do it alone, his fitness app will keep you in touch with a community of members with fitness goals just like you, so exercise becomes social and supportive.

Mayweather’s Boxing + Fitness app is said to be compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and is currently unavailable for download. Sign up for their email list to get notified of the app’s release first!

Boxing + Fitness Benefits

Train with The Champ!

We’ve tried Mayweather Boxing + Fitness for ourselves, and we have no doubt that the boxing champions gyms and VR experiences will no doubt help people looking to become fitter and fight ready.

If you can’t make it to opening day or can’t afford a gym membership (Forbes estimates $140/month to $40/month), check out award-winning virtual reality games like BOX VR and The Thrill of the Fight to feel what it’s like to box towards fitness in virtual reality.

If you visit Mayweather’s gym or VR experience let us know how your workout went in the comments section!