Credit to: ioiGames

Eat this!

Credit to: Karel Hladky

Unless you’re using super-powered fertilizer or a secret formula unavailable to the public, most plants just need dirt and water to thrive. In Eat this!, the rules have changed. Taking place in a botanical garden, the game tasks you with feeding the growing flower population. The flowers need to eat fruits to grow and multiply. Succeed, and they’ll be happy. Fail, and they just might sabotage your equipment. What kind of flowers are these?

Fitness Potential

Eat this! makes use of the tracked motion controllers to throw fruits to each of the flowers. There will only be one flower at first, but you’ll soon have to chuck fruit at several of them. If you aren’t successful and they send “bugs” to your machines, you’ll have to swing a hammer to get them working again. There are even bandages to sooth your machine’s wounds. Flowers are mean!

Developer/Publisher: Karel Hladky

Release Date: July 3, 2019

Compatible With: HTC Vive, Valve Index

Price: $2.09 to $2.99

Link: Eat this!

SurviVR – Castle Defender

Having to defend a medieval castle seems like it would have been difficult. If there were fantastical monsters storming the gates, it would have been even harder. In SurviVR – Castle Defender, you have to use every weapon at your disposal to keep the castle safe. These include crossbows, magic, and good old fashioned swords. With orcs and goblins to kill, you better not be a pacifist.

Fitness Potential

SurviVR – Castle Defender features numerous weapons that can be used for fitness. When using the swords, you’ll swing the motion controllers much like you would a real sword. Bows operate much the same as real bows, and you will quick swing and aim your controllers when using magical spells. The monsters move at a brisk pace, so you will have no time to waste.

Developer/Publisher: ioiGames

Release Date: July 1, 2019

Compatible With: HTC Vive, Valve Index

Price: $4.83 to $5.90

Link: SurviVR – Castle Defender

Scraper: First Strike (PSVR)

Humanity created artificial intelligence to assist us, but it just might end up being our downfall. In Scraper: First Strike, which has finally come to PlayStation VR, we see what happens when it decides humanity is the problem. As a Modified Hover Pod pilot, you must reclaim a rector building and eliminate the robots threatening to eliminate the last of the population.

Fitness Potential

You can play Scraper: First Strike with several different controllers, including the PlayStation Move or PlayStation VR Aim. The game also supports the 3dRudder controller for more realistic locomotion. Robots will be attacking you from all directions, requiring quick turning and firing to eliminate them. Your two weapons can be aimed independently, as well, for more chaotic situations.

Developer/Publisher: Labrodex

Release Date: July 2, 2019

Compatible With: PlayStation VR

Price: $19.99

Link: Scraper: First Strike

Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War

Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War offers a twist on the typical alien warfare story. You will participate in a study using an “Ark Device,” allowing you to view an ancient war between Mars and Earth. Through this device, you’ll see the horrific conflict and participate firsthand with a variety of weapons, as well as special combat skills.

Fitness Potential

Taking part in battles against Martian warriors, you’ll need to be both quick and precise with your weapons. By slowing down time, you can get the opportunity to target weak points, but you will still have to be efficient. Robots and more powerful enemies will approach you so quickly that you will not have a moment to rest.

Developer/Publisher: Light Studio/Skywalker HK

Release Date: July 3, 2019

Compatible With: Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR

Price: $9.99 to $19.99

Link: Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War

Song Beater: Quite My Tempo!

What do you get when you combine Beat Saber and a boxing game into one rhythm fever dream? You get Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! The Fit Boxing mode has you beating songs while using your fists, while Free Style features weapons like blades and staffs. With 16 songs, leaderboards, and a party mode, it’s the perfect game for those looking to groove. Now, were you rushing or were you dragging?

Fitness Potential

Song Beater was designed with fitness in mind. There are several difficulties to choose from, and the game will estimate your calories burnt to help you in your workout. You’ll earn achievements to give you additional motivation, as well. With the various modes and weapons, you can keep your workout feeling fresh every time.

Developer/Publisher: Playito

Release Date: July 5, 2019

Compatible With: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Valve Index,

Price: $13.49 to $14.99

Link: Song Beater: Quite My Tempo!