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Credit to: Survios/MGM

Creed: Rise to Glory is a single and 1:1 PvP boxing game from Survios. It’s stacked with 7 fighters, various rings, and training exercises. It also has lots of match-changing nuances that boxers may not know about. Get fitter and have a blast playing Creed: Rise to Glory with these 20 boxing and fitness tips. Step into the ring fighters, grab a towel, and VR cover — it’s gonna get sweaty!

Ding! Ding!

Creed: Rise to Glory Boxing Tips

Credit to: Survios/MGM Interactive
  1. Be aware of who and what’s in and around your entire play space. Win the fight and Rocky’s respect with good form and common sense. Clear your play space away from anything that may be breakable. Also, keep kids and pets away from the VR area. No one wants to accidentally punch, step on, or run into someone mid-fight. Be aware of overhead fans and lifting your arms after a victory or mid-match. Boxers do their best without injured arms.
  2. Head right into Freestyle Mode for a quicker startup to a workout and gameplay. This mode gives fighters minimal downtime and an elevated heart rate.
  3. Don’t have a lot of time for dramatic intros? The quickest way to get your heart rate up is by playing in The Philidelphia Back Alley ring. Fighting in the alley starts each fight right away without the announcements before each fight.
  4. Get used to Advanced Locomotion. Press down buttons and move your gloves like you’re punching a speed bag or doggy paddling. Use it to move away from punches quicker than a dodge. Using advanced locomotion is great for escaping away from being cornered.
  5. Strategize time between punching and blocking. Going all in is going to do worse for your stamina than if you were to punch and hold a block or even dodging to see which moves the other fighter is going to take. Blocking or dodging will help give you some time to seek out the best punch and combo opportunities.
  6. Gain a positional advantage with locomotion. Right before you know the opponent is going to throw a massive punch that could stun or knock you out, do advanced locomotion in the direction you want to move towards. This has helped me collect my stamina and gain a positional advantage on my opponents. Oftentimes, doing so leaves them to punch the air and helps position yourself to punch them towards the ropes or corner.
  7. Glove color and stamina. A glove will blink red when your stamina is critically low making punches really weak. Use your other hand to block while the stamina builds back up. You never want to get to the point where both gloves are blinking red — that’s the Danger Zone. Run and bring your stamina back up in another part of the ring and once they stop blinking you’re ready to use them again.
  8. Pay attention to each fighters breath for health cues. Heavy breathing is a sign they’re hurting and their stamina’s low. The same goes for you.
  9. The detail in Creed: Rise to Glory is so good that opponents tattoos are visible and bruising is too. Keep an eye out for it. Aim and work the face, temples, jaw, stomach, ribs, and chest. Green and red targets will appear so you can focus attacks on those areas for a knockdown. Remember all that dummy and long bag training at Del-Phi Gym? Use that coordination and reflex training!
  10. Bait fighters to open up and drop their guard. Use quick jabs to get them to move their gloves up to cover their face or for them to drop their defenses around their torso. Use these jabs to tease out a punch combo to the face and torso or to throw in an uppercut or hook that could knock them down.
  11. When knocked out of the body like a ghost, run back to it swiftly. Use the treadmill training and arm pumping to get morphed back into your body and back into the fight. Keep in mind that fighters are only allowed 3 knockouts and they’re out!
  12. Pay attention to that pivotal moment. Take advantage of fighters when they’re off guard and punch them square in the face with the ghost force you came back with. Light them up with a strong blow and get back on defense with gloves up for the snapback or if they’re stunned, keep punching.

Gym Training Tips for Creed: RTG

Creed: Rise to Glory
Credit to: Survios/MGM
  1. Gloves up in yo face. When you step into training at Del-Phi make sure to practice your blocking. Safety wise, throwing up your gloves in real life has to be done farther from your face than you may think. Not practicing this will result in punching yourself in the face and the headset mid-round.
  2. Train with the Reaction Bag for punching and dodging practice. Make sure to hit the green targets with not only straight jabs but uppercuts and hooks too. This helps direct the ball to hit the target more accurately and helps practice quick reactions. One easter egg: In the back of the gym there are speed bags. Punch those too, they work!
  3. Missing is good practice. It may not seem like it, but missing a dodge in Reaction Bag training is good knockback practice. When the bag hits you, you’ll have to pose with your arms and then practice taking a punch. If you’re getting knocked out of your body a lot but aren’t getting the arm positioning this is the training area to practice mimicking it.
  4. Go beast on Combo and Focus dummies. Punch targets at specific locations on the body before they time out. Great for learning to punch the face and body quickly in different patterns.
  5. Use the Meat Locker and the Double Bag for body punch training. I personally prefer jabbing at the Meat Locker because it makes me feel like Rocky the most. Punching at the targets before they time out will get you a higher score and more accuracy in fights.
  6. In PvP, keep your gloves up but keep your gloves reactive. No one wants to play with someone who blocks the entire time because that’s just boring. Play with a friend who won’t be insulted if you taunt them and punch them out. Or box players online for more motivation to stay in the fight. If you’re bashful, it might be easier to punch people you don’t know.
  7. Play as different boxers. Not only is this for variety, but it’s also to learn what kind of strengths and weaknesses each character has to work with. More on this soon!
  8. Read our Creed: Rise to Glory Review to see how the game weighs in for fitness! The review will tell you how it rates as a VR boxing game, whether it’s a full body workout, and how many calories were incinerated at the time of play!

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