21st Century Gyms Get New HOLOFIT App and VR Fitness Features


HOLOFIT bikes, rowing, and elliptical trainers are high-tech machinery for 21st-century gyms. These fitness machines are cardio powerhouses that are made mightier with VR headsets! The fitness company is celebrating the release of their new fitness app, fresh game modes, trophies, and on top of it all, digital coaching!

Whether you’re turning beefy orcs into pincushions with an archery game or are pumping your legs (and arms) through a tropical paradise, VR is an undeniable fitness beast. With a headset and a HOLOFIT bike, rowing, or elliptical machine, over ten thousand users worldwide (and counting) are getting a high-tech and datafied workout.

Make Power Moves with the HOLOFIT App

Credit to: Holodia/Holofit

When we last covered HOLOFIT they told us that they had aspirations for a fitness app. Now, they’ve got one! The new HOLOFIT App is for iOS and Android mobile phones and can be paired to Apple Health and Google Fit. Perfect for on the go clients and for keeping yourself accountable for your own fitness!

Gyms with HOLOFIT machines simply place a QR code sticker or placard onto the cardio machine and teach your members how to scan it.

Once they do they’ll gain access to a personal profile where they can tailor their avatar, link up with fitness friends, other HOLOFIT members, and most importantly, get important fitness data that you can share on social media!

Members that scan the QR code or pre-select their HOLOFIT cardio workouts will get to see their calorie burn, workout duration and distance, and an overall fitness score that ranks globally.

Each workout gets a score that goes towards other cumulative scores. These fill up bars that unlock rankings like Expert when you’re really making power moves in the gym.

Expansive Holoworlds

Credit to: Holodia/Holofit

Holoworlds are virtual worlds and environments that gym goers exercise in using HOLOFIT fitness machines.

Some members choose to row through icy waters, while others pedal to fly, or use a mix of pedaling and arm movement to go on a virtual adventure.

The newest feature update to hit HOLOFIT is their Explore mode, which is an object collection game that rewards and motivates members with fitness points. There are over 20 special items called huntables that are hidden around Holoworld environments like virtual easter eggs. The game even teaches you how to look for huntables in a helpful tutorial.

Bojana Knezevic, COO of Holodia, believes in making fitness fun with VR. She says, “We make fitness fun. We help users forget they are working out by immersing them in fantastic VR worlds.”

“We let people travel, dream, play – all while working out. We make virtual experiences and create real fitness results. HOLOFIT is a plug and play solution that works on major brands of cardio fitness machines.”

Get Driven by Competition and CARDIOGOALS

Credit to: Holodia/Holofit

Humans are competitive by design. It’s why we’ve launched astronauts into space and it’s a driving force for innovation and change in the world.

The same concept stands for fitness and motivation. What motivates us more than someone trying to beat our score? Trophies!

There are now 130 HOLOFIT trophies being awarded to those who are showing up and pushing themselves past their comfort zone. Trophies are earned when you reach distance, duration, and calorie scorching milestones. Check in on how your friends are doing and challenge each other to rank locally and globally.

Credit to: Holodia/Holofit

Another way to keep yourself on track towards a healthier way of life is to get some fitness coaching.

Their CARDIOGOALS head up display that tells you when to go faster when you’re taking it too easy. Pick what you want to focus on — fat burn, cardio, and interval settings — and then get started!