Black Box VR Utilizes Cleanbox Technology to Enhance Their Premium Guest Experience


When Preston Lewis and Ryan DeLuca founded Black Box VR in 2016, they had a mission to create innovative products and experiences that would create lasting change in people’s lives. They recognized that virtual reality was an immersive technology that could be combined with resistance training, gaming principles, and high intensity cardio to help people reach their health and fitness goals.

The team had spent years developing into the largest online supplement retailer in the world. They also collaborated with others to create popular fitness mobile applications and the world’s largest online fitness social network. With Black Box VR, DeLuca and Lewis have continued to find ways to use redefine fitness and create a positive experience for guests.

Amy Hedrick, CEO of Cleanbox Technology, also wanted to create a positive experience for people. She focused on centers that used augmented and virtual reality, designing a hygienic and eco-friendly system that efficiently offers decontamination and drying of VR and AR headsets. In fact, Cleanbox eradicates 99% of bacteria, virus and fungi, effectively addressing issues that occur when multiple people use the same shared hardware. Since Cleanbox was designed for commercial venues with high-volume traffic, the partnership of Black Box VR and Cleanbox was a match made in hygienic heaven.

The use of Cleanbox Technology makes it possible to provide a premium guest experience where people can become totally immersed in the virtual experience without fretting about their headset and that’s essential to the vision Lewis and DeLuca have for Black Box VR.

“We are big believers in the ability of technology and emerging platforms to change people’s lives,” explains Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO of Black Box VR. “Virtual reality, combined with our patent pending resistance training system, and the right game experience will push people to stick to their goals.”

“During my 17 years as CEO of, I directly or indirectly worked with millions of people that were aiming to get into great shape,” adds DeLuca, Co-Founder and CEO of Black Box VR. “The number one thing I learned was that starting and sticking to a fitness program is extremely difficult for the vast majority of people. With Black Box VR, we combine the addictive qualities of video games and the health aspects of fitness into one unified experience. It’s a game changer.”

The decision to use innovative technologies and veer from the traditional way of doing things is evident in the choice to implement Cleanbox products in their Black Box locations.

“We want to give our members the best experience possible,” states Shane Hoalst, Director of Digital Publishing at Black Box VR. “Cleanbox helps us achieve that by using their technology to clean all the VR headsets. Clean Box is a great product that utilizes UV-C light (the medical grade wavelength of ultraviolet light trusted by hospitals and medical professionals for decades) in their patented design, combined with their nanotech coating and compressed air blasts, to dry, decontaminate, and provide a premium guest experience.”

In other words, they use technology to create the best experience. Other options – replaceable foam inserts, alcohol wipes, disposable covers – reduce the pleasurable experience of VR, fail to fully decontaminate, and create waste. Cleanbox solves these issues.

Hedrick is excited to see virtual reality being used in various settings, including health and fitness.

“I love the way Black Box VR is gamifying fitness. It’s much more fun than a traditional gym,” she states, adding that you never want the customer exposed to a sweaty, smelly headset. “The headset is something you wear, and you want it to feel like new every single time. Cleanbox allows Black Box VR to do just that and I’m thrilled to be partnered with them. I am excited to see them grow.”

The global virtual reality market is expected to exceed $26 billion by 2022 and in the United States alone, the $30 billion health and fitness industry has been growing by 3-4% annually for the past decade. Considering the fact that neither of these industries shows any signs of slowing down any time soon, it’s evident that Lewis and DeLuca know how to spot a great opportunity and they use products like Cleanbox to ensure a top quality experience.

“Virtual reality is going to change the world in ways we don’t even know yet,” says Lewis, “and we are confident it is going to transform fitness forever, helping millions of people finally adhere to their fitness programs, achieve their goals and change their lives.”

Disclosure: VR Fitness Insider is owned and operated by Strive VR LLC which is the parent company to Black Box VR.