Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Sign-Ups Open for 2020 Onward Rookie Bootcamp Tournament

Onward players will kick off 2020 VR esports action with guns and grenades in the first Onward Rookie Bootcamp Tournament of the year on January 11-12. Onward Rookie Bootcamps are designed to allow newer players...

Beginners Claim Onward VRML Season 8 Championship Title

The Onward VR Master League Season 8 Championship concluded this weekend and the Beginners have retained the crown. Although the European team was almost dethroned, they once again relied on teamwork and some impressive...

VR Esports Featured at NiceOne Barcelona Had Something for Everyone

NiceOne Barcelona, a festival dedicated to the art of gaming, featured numerous VR exhibits this year during the four day event that recently took place in Spain. Adoption of virtual reality has been a...

eGamesVR Offers VR Esports Resources for Spanish-Speaking Players

Competitive VR esports are becoming more popular in English and Asian-speaking countries, but there’s a need for outreach to speakers of other languages. In October 2016, one group decided to develop a platform specifically...

What’s Ahead for VR Esports in 2020

VR esports combine the best of technology, athleticism, and competition. The players are eager for competitive video games that require movement in addition to strategy, skill, and in most cases, teamwork. VR esports attracts...

Teams Prepare for Echo Arena VR Master League Season 1

Hype is building for Echo Arena VR Master League Season 1, which is set to begin on Monday, February 3. Teams have been preparing for the highest level of competition and many participated in the Echo...

First Worldwide VR Esports MOBA Tournament Finals To Be Held This Weekend

Finals for the first worldwide VR multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) tournament, the Cradle of Sins Alpha Cup VR Tournament, will be broadcast on Sunday, February 16. Competition kicked off in December with a...

Virtual Athletics League to Host VR Esports Pistol Whip Tournament

VR esports fans should draw their weapons and start practicing now for a chance to win some of the $10,000 prize pool in the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) Pistol Whip VR Tournament that will...

VR Esports League for Students Launches in Europe

Collegiate VR Esports has expanded to Europe and qualifiers for CVRE Season 1 begin today with teams competing in Beat Saber, a popular action rhythm game title. Students age 13 and up or alumni...

Echo Combat Flamingo League Season 1 Will Begin March 2

Echo Combat Flamingo League, a VR esports league featuring Ready At Dawn’s zero-gravity first-person shooter, launches on March 2 amidst much hype from the community as well as sponsors eager to support another competitive...