The VR Master League has announced season 2 of Contractors, a 5v5 team-based competitive shooter from Caveman Studio. Sign-ups are open now and matches are being generated.

Contractors was released in December 2018 and by March it had been added to the VR Master League. There were 104 players signed up for season 1 and already 135 players (including reservists) are registered for season 2. The first Contractors VRML season title was claimed by The Leftovers in an intense competition with SIN (previously known as Assassins) that ended 3-2 in the championship finale.

Appealing features in Contractors include realistic weapon handling, customizable weapon load-out, and a single-player mode with AI. Serving as a hub for the game, there is also a shooting range with various engaging areas and activities. The game is compatible most of the major platforms, including the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.

The VR Master League, which manages competitive scenes for some of the most popular VR games on the market, was established by DaKinMan in early 2017. While featured VRML games have primarily been first-person shooters, Ready At Dawn’s zero-gravity sport game Echo Arena, which is similar to ultimate Frisbee or soccer in space, joined the league earlier this month.

According to a comment from DaKinMan on the Contractors Discord, there are no prizes planned for Contractors season 2, but rather it will “be a quick season for bragging rights and competitive enjoyment.”

Players who are interested in participating in Contractors VR Master League Season 2 will need to do the following:

You can purchase Contractors through Steam or the Oculus store. Reach out to other players on the Discord group if you need to find a team and be sure to follow the progress of Contractors VRML Season 2 here on VR Fitness Insider, where you can always find useful information about VR health, fitness, and esports.