Kill Zombies and Get Fit at New Facility Made Just for Team VR

What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend? Maybe you should save yourself and the world from a zombie apocalypse! Now you can get your friends together and do just that in VR!


Not sure what to do this Memorial Day weekend? Octane Raceway, a premium destination for kart racing and experiential entertainment, is bringing world-class virtual reality gaming to its Phoenix area location. The Velocity VR attraction, which is powered by Zero Latency, will launch Memorial Day weekend. This is the first free-roam multiplayer virtual reality arena to open in the Western United States and, by all accounts, it’s set to be an amazing experience!

This new attraction will occupy 3,500 square feet within Octane Raceway’s existing 65,000 square foot facility and will be a permanent experience at the Phoenix grounds. Open 365 days a year to the general public, the venue is located in Scottsdale. Velocity VR will have no physical walls or obstacles within the play area, which means players will have complete maneuverability to walk, explore, and fight their way through virtual terrains–exactly what we’ve always wanted from our VR experiences. The gaming experiences will run 15 minutes. It will also be geared towards players that are aged 13 and up.

What Can you Play?

The first game offering will be Survival, which transports teams of up to six players into the middle of a zombie outbreak. Teams will work together to fight off the undead, build barriers and hold position until the extraction team arrives. This has the potential to be the most real virtual experience anyone has ever been exposed to. The game will require teamwork, but the player with the most points at the end of the immersion will be crowned the winner. Additional games will be added later this year and we will update you when they release more info. Players can sign up at to be notified when reservations become available.

According to Scott Sanders, CEO of Octane Raceway:

“Octane Raceway is committed to the most exciting and immersive experiences for our customers that leave them awestruck and wanting more. Velocity VR falls in line with that commitment, and will truly be a unique and memorable attraction.”

Indeed, it is a facility unlike many others for VR gaming today. The giant area that they have set aside will be epic for vr gaming and finally allowing users to cut loose and pure fitness in virtual reality. Just think: You’ll face off against zombies and build up barriers in order to stop them from getting in until the timer runs out. This is normally a very intense game when playing on the console so you know it’ll be a whole other level when playing in VR.

Fitness For One And All

Not only is this a huge thing to bring VR to the masses, but it’s also a big leap forward to bringing fitness VR experiences to the mainstream as well. But, beyond that, it’s also a great thing for multi-player, local VR because requires at least a couple of players and can go up to six players in order to play this game. This is one of the very first types of games to incorporate multi-player action. Most of the games are single player, very few of the games are online multiplayer, and just a handful of VR games are local VR playable. This encourages teamwork while you’re exercising and encourages coordination above just smashing the hammer until you get the job done. This means that not just one person but multiple people are exercising the entire time that they’re playing this game. This takes the idea of taking a fitness class at your local gym to a whole new level! This is about as intense as a VR zombie apocalypse video game can get. Will you be enjoying some VR this weekend? Let us know in the comments!