VR communities have a tradition of welcoming new players and offering training opportunities. Players in Population: One continue this tradition with the first formal Population: One Boot Camp and Community Day on Saturday, January 23.

Experienced players, many of whom participated in the Population: One beta, have been welcoming and training newcomers since the game was released on October 22, but publicized community events help reinforce the message of inclusion and accessibility for players of all skill levels.

Community Day is an opportunity for players to hop on various Pop One social media platforms to ask questions about the game. It’s also a great time to purchase and try the game since you’re more likely to be matched with other rookies or veteran players who are queuing up for random matches specifically to provide training.

For those who prefer to set up a specific time to work with an experienced mentor, you can register for Population: One Boot Camp. Registered players will be matched with a volunteer who will schedule a time on Saturday to party up. They’ll share basic gameplay tips and strategies. Boot Camps will run throughout Community Day.

Similar events have helped to encourage positive interaction between players and encourage community growth in VR games like Ready At Dawn’s Echo VR, Downpour Interactive’s Onward, Vankrupt Games’ Pavlov, and others.

Many players who become mentors during events like community days or boot camps were themselves trained by someone who stepped in and offered to help while others simply support the goals and want to see growth in their favorite games.

“New players are important to a community,” states Machu_Pichu, who has been playing Population: One since shortly after release. “They help keep a community thriving and they keep it alive. That’s why I want to help new players.”

BigBox VR’s Population: One is the premier battle royale experience in virtual reality. Players can climb, build, and fly in ways that would be impossible outside an immersive realm as they scale giant structures and glide across the map while coordinating with teammates for tactical advantages to eliminate enemies.

There’s plenty of gameplay in Population: One between lower ranked or newer players and more experienced players, some who have been playing the game since the beta began in 2018. During community days or boot camp trainings, one goal is to provide numerous opportunities for positive interaction and training between players of various levels. The focus is more on encouragement and passing on skills that help build the confidence of newer players versus winning or building stats.

VR gamers set a positive standard for the industry with events such as this and if you can’t attend next Saturday, there are experienced players who will squad with you at other times as well. To learn more about the game, become involved with the community, participate in Community Day, or register for a Population: One Boot Camp, check out the following resources.

Population: One is available on all major VR platforms and it’s cross-buy for Oculus HMDs.


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