Credit to: Rickie Fowler via PRNewsfoto/Success Co

28-year-old and seven-time PGA Tour pro, Rickie Fowler, is working alongside Success Co., a Los Angeles VR studio, to release a VR and 2D golf training experience like no other. The app, Success Series VR Player which can be found on Google Play for mobile devices, is showcasing Fowler’s intimate knowledge of the golf game and strategies to improve or boost your skill set into overdrive.

Access The App

Casual to experienced golfers and fans of the sport can download the Success Series app for free and purchase lessons at their leisure. There are three VR lessons that will run you $4.99 to $6.99 and two 2D lessons that will go for $3.99 to $6.99.

The advantage of downloading the app is that novice and advanced users from the ages of 12 to 70 can access it on their smartphone, VR headset and on the computer. So, app users won’t even need to step foot on the green, the app can be accessed at the press of a button and at any time.

One-On-One Coaching

Credit to: Rickie Fowler via PRNewsfoto/Success Co

The purpose of these VR and 2D videos is to educate anyone who wants to gain insight into how Fowler strategizes and optimizes his golf swing. Getting lessons from professional athletes used to be limited to waiting until a tell-all book was written and was a luxury available to celebrities and well-off individuals. Now, anyone can unlock the secrets to golf success.

Describing the creation of the app, Success Co.’s CEO Anthony Puntoriero said, “The inspiration for Success Series was to bring major global sporting talent into people’s lives in the form of teaching/instruction and creating access to these world-class athletes leveraging the immersive environment that virtual reality brings to the user.”

Fowler’s Success Series will take you on a step by step guide in VR and 2D video — focusing on gaining yards from your drives, how to do a bunker shot with correct form, short game tips, putting, and intimate interviews about what it took to be a top contender in golf and what it takes to stay there. So, app users will get helpful guidance on their golf mechanics while also getting a dose of inspiration from a PGA pro.

VR Fitness Potential

Credit to: Rickie Fowler via PRNewsfoto/Success Co

Although the app itself won’t work your abdominals, glutes, pecs, lats or forearms like swinging a real golf club will, going to a driving range or swinging a club in the backyard will do the trick. Rickie Fowler’s Success Series is the perfect pre-game practice to help get the mind ready for a day of golf.

When a golfer’s mind is prepared in advance, it primes the body for what to expect and how to execute a successful swing. The practice driving range drills will also train and prep your mind and body to look for improper technique, influencing back saving mechanics and improved golf skills.

The Future of Success Series

Although Fowler is the first to be inducted into the Success Series app, Puntoriero’s future vision is to also add NBA All-Star players and other athletes to their app as well. Sports fans and fitness enthusiasts will love this variety and this will draw more sports fans and athletes from different sports to the app.

Golf In 2018

The best athletes know that true success involves consistent practice, muscle memory, and a can-do attitude.

In a statement, Puntoriero explained why Rickie Fowler was Success Co.’s top pick stating, “Rickie was the only golfer we wanted to target for Success Series and that is because of who he is on and off the course. Rickie’s brand and character have defined the new era of golfer and he is the ideal ambassador to take golf into the homes of sports fans globally. His message is infectious and he has genuine passion for helping people get better at the game. He’s an amazing role model and proof that hard work and dedication can take you to the top in whatever you choose in life.”

Light a fire under your golf game by downloading the Success Series app today. Until then, we’ll be anticipating Rickie Fowler’s 2018 golf game at The Open Championship, The 2018 Masters and The U.S. Open. We’ll see you out on the green!