The Apocalypse Games VR Esports Competition Begins Aug 12


The time has come to take back the world from the onslaught of terrifying creatures trying to rip into your flesh. If you want to survive, you must take action now.

The Apocalypse Games, a virtual competition set in the horror game The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, launches on August 12. Eight of Twitch and YouTube’s best influencers will compete to become The Apocalypse Games Apoc-olympian champion while community members will be able to participate in a contest run by the Virtual Athletics League as part of their VR Fitness Summit.

Developed by Skydance Interactive and in partnership with Skybound Entertainment, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners puts players in the badly battered remnants of New Orleans where there is danger around every corner and relentless waves of walkers try to kill you.

The Apocalypse Games will consist of the following competitions:

  • ARCHERY: The most focused and precise Apoc-olympians must survive armed with only a bow and arrows. The highest number of arrow kills takes the gold. A tiebreaker is determined by highest score.
  • WALKER BASKETBALL: The sport that’s one part decapathon and nothing is out of bounds! At the gymnasium, each competitor has 5 minutes to collect and throw as many walker heads through the basketball hoop as they can. 1 point per head.
  • MARATHON: Apoc-olympians will attempt to survive to wave 20 in the Trial. Whoever fights through the pain, sweat, and bladder control to cross the finish line at the highest wave takes home the gold. Highest score breaks the tie.
  • FIGURE SLAYING: Slayers will attempt to rack up the most points with stylish and difficult kills in the Trial before being chowed down in walker town. In the event of a tie, highest kill total wins the gold.

Schedule / Apoc-olympians

The following influencers will do their best to stay alive and become the top Apoc-olympian while simultaneously providing entertainment for the masses just waiting to see them be devoured yet again. These games should be incredibly fun to watch so be sure to tune in! (Pacific times are listed.)

You’ll also find videos of the competition on Skybound’s YouTube channel.

VR Fitness Summit

The community portion of this event will be run by Virtual Athletics League. Players will be able to submit their best videos for the above competitions (Archery, Walker Basketball, Marathon, and Figure Slaying) for an open source Twitter contest. Participants will share videos with the hashtag #theapocalypsegames and there will be opportunities to vote for the best style, best costume, and more. Submissions might be chosen to be highlighted on Twitch and YouTube alongside the influencer videos.

The content creation competition is open to everyone and players can register on the VR Fitness Summit website.

Final Notes

As much as I love The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, I never survive past the first day because it’s terrifying so this is one VR esport competition where I’ll never excel. Perhaps one of you will be more courageous than me and manage to conquer the zombies. I’m really looking forward to watching The Apocalypse Games from the safety of my viewing area where I’ll be watching on a flat screen. Zombies are much more frightening in the immersive environment of virtual reality!

You can purchase the game on the following platforms:

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is also available on the official website.

Be sure to tune in and see who reigns supreme as the Apoc-olympian champion and also sign up for the VR Fitness Summit community competition.