Credit to: Window Licker Games

oVRshot is a team composed bow shooting VR game that was founded by members of Window Licker Games, a VR and AR game development company based out of Steinkjer, Norway. Magnus Nordfjord’s team is creating this first-person bow shooter game with a vibrant and futuristic Tron aesthetic. It’s compatibility with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, gives oVRshot a wide platform to reach more VR gamers.

Read on to see how great this game can be and how you can help them reach their $12,600 Kickstarter goal.

oVRshot Gameplay

This is not just an aim and shoot-only game — far from it. You’ll create or join a team of 3 against another group of 3 players. You’ll be equipped with a neon bow, arrow stations, and a battle-ready shield to fight against the opposing team.

As an arena style game, you’re able to duck behind futuristic structures and hide above or below your enemies around the map. Spread out to keep your opponents from guessing your locations and block their attack when they do. 

Credit to: Window Licker Games

Use bombs and gain exciting arrow abilities to make your opponents take fire damage, explode, or disrupt their vision. Give your team an advantage by buffing them and making their actions more powerful or by providing another shield when their health gets low. Protect your objective for long enough and shoot your opponents accurately to come out the other side as the victor.

No Nausea

Credit to: Window Licker Games

This fast-paced bow and arrow VR game has promising game dynamics that have been designed to reduce or completely get rid of gameplay motion sickness. Their programmers have even written their college thesis papers on VR locomotion. So, if you’re sensitive to nausea when wearing an HMD, you’ll want to try this game when it’s released.

oVRshot’s VR Fitness Potential

Credit to: Window Licker Games

While using a real bow and arrow you use the left and right sides of your body and depending on your dominant hand you’ll favor using one over the other. For instance, if you’re right-handed you’ll be using the left side to hold and stabilize the bow and with the right hand you’ll hold, pull back, and release the arrow. 

LiveStrong informs their readers that they’ll be using muscle groups like — arms, shoulders, back muscles, your stomach, and even your thighs and glutes in archery. There’s no telling whether oVRshot will activate every one of these muscles during actual gameplay, but it does look promising due to the same motions being performed.

The Vive and Oculus controllers are lightweight, which is good for people who can’t or shouldn’t lift heavier objects. However, if you are physically able to hold up the added weight you might want to consider adding the HTC Vive Tracker to an actual bow for a true to life archery experience as you play oVRshot with the Vive HMD.

Funding, Access, and Release Dates

Their “All or nothing.” status on Kickstarter proves there isn’t a risk to your wallet if you donate and they don’t get all their funding. Meaning, you won’t be charged if funding doesn’t go as expected. The oVRshot Kickstarter page says, “Unforeseen complications might cause delays however as of now we don’t see a scenario where early access won’t start in June 2018.” With this said, please note that their website says early access is expected in March 2019. So, there seems to be a significant delay or extension of their early access of some sort.

Window Licker Games have been developing oVRshot from funding that’s outside of Kickstarter, which keeps their release date somewhat stabilized. You can expect a full release in Fall 2019 as it says on their website or in August of 2019 like it says on their Kickstarter. Stay posted just in case dates change.

Donate and help Window Licker Games get extra backing so they can get oVRshot the attention it needs to build up a foundation of players who will play the game with their friends and spread the word. Every donation helps to make this game a reality.

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