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Ninja Legends Free Archery Update Hits a Perfect Bullseye!

Ninja Legends is both a terrific game and a great workout. I reviewed the title here lauding it for its fast-paced, relentless 360-degree action that sees you fending off wave after wave of dangerous...

This Week’s VR Game Roundup — A Clash on the Grid!

Grid Clash Esports usually aren’t real sports in the traditional sense of the word, but that is where Grid Clash differs. The VR-exclusive game tasks you with shooting a ball through your opponent’s ring. They’ll...

Why Your Brain May be Hardwired for VR Fitness

Our experiences are highly sensual, and it’s how our brains process our memories. We tend to think about the past in terms of what we saw or felt, not necessarily what something smelled like...

Grab a Friend and Play These PvP and Multiplayer Games For VR Fitness

Playing and exercising in VR with single player games boosts our self-confidence and makes us feel like superheroes. But diving into multiplayer VR games and player versus player (PvP) games push us to work...

VR Fitness Insider VR Fitness Awards 2018

2018 may be wrapping up but VR Fitness Insider readers know that the industry’s top fitness games, accessories, and headsets are still empowering and fueling the fitness community day in and day out. Before...

Best Archery VR Games For Arrow Flinging Fitness

Archery is an action intense activity that uses the entire body, especially in VR. Most people don’t realize that the legs, core, back and upper body muscles are all working together to stabilize the...

New Releases: This Week In VR Fitness Games 3/26/18

APEX Tournament This is an early access game that’s been compared to Overwatch by the developers because it’s a fast-paced and competitive game. Teams will face off in a 4 vs 4 Team Death Match...

This Week In VR Fitness Games 3/19/18

Apex Construct This is a futuristic first-person, action and adventure, high tech bow and arrow shooter with puzzle elements. It's set in a mechanized world and in nature, where you’ll fling arrows at different robotic...

New Releases: This Week In VR Fitness Games 3/5/18

oVRshot This is a team based first person bow shooter that pits 2 teams of 3 against each other on various maps. There’s no health bar in this game, so if you get hit you’ll...

oVRShot Review | Multiplayer Archery Action

oVRShot brings the frenetic pacing of Halo multiplayer to VR, but replaces the rifles and space weapons with bows. oVRShot has a very familiar aesthetic about it, from the way the countdown timer sounds...
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