Tuesday, October 27, 2020


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Virtual Athletics League Announces Tower Tag VR Esports Tournament

The Virtual Athletics League (VAL) has partnered with co-hosts Springboard and LIV to launch a pilot season of Tower Tag, a multiplayer VR location-based experience from VR-Nerds. VAL will also be teaming up with...

Virtual Athletics League to Host World’s Largest VR Fitness Summit

Virtual Athletics League has partnered with some of the largest names in VR fitness and esports to host a VR Fitness Summit that will feature a prize pool of $25,000 across a variety of...

eGamesVR Offers VR Esports Resources for Spanish-Speaking Players

Competitive VR esports are becoming more popular in English and Asian-speaking countries, but there’s a need for outreach to speakers of other languages. In October 2016, one group decided to develop a platform specifically...

I Completed The VZFit Explorer Summer Adventure Challenge, Prize Winners Announced

Virzoom’s VZFit Explorer Challenge is over. The 21-day event, which consisted of 7 rides and more than 300 miles concluded on the 7th of September. The competition was just one of many tournaments, held...

VR Master League Announces Echo Arena Season 1 Championship

Echo Arena VR Master League Season 1 Championship registrations open today and the road to finals starts with the Challenger Cup on May 2 and 3. Competition will continue throughout May and end in...

VRality Launches LIVE, the League of International VR Esports

Interest in VR esports leagues continues to grow and today VRality is pleased to announce the launch of LIVE, the League of International VR Esports, which has joined forces with BigBox VR and Levity...

The Apocalypse Games VR Esports Competition Begins Aug 12

The time has come to take back the world from the onslaught of terrifying creatures trying to rip into your flesh. If you want to survive, you must take action now. The Apocalypse Games, a...
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