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VR Fitness Intensified: Is this man the first VR Athlete?

With so much innovation happening in VR these days, it's hard to keep track of all the players in the game. One player we've been noticing a lot these days is Ville "Scie" Piispanen, the...

No, That’s Not Virtual Reality

Virtual reality fitness is a brand new category for the fitness world. It’s unlike anything that has come before and will change the commercial and home fitness equipment market in revolutionary ways. Best of...

Can You Really Improve Your Fitness From a Chair? Yes!

Researchers are in the process of developing an “active chair,” a piece of furniture that could be a dream come true for those who want a healthier lifestyle, but don’t want to spend time...

Virtual Fitness Coaches: All The Results, None of The Hassle!

For many, getting to the gym is a feat in and of itself. Despite our best efforts and New Year's resolutions, committing to and sticking with a workout routine is easier said than done....

An In Depth Look at the Oculus Connect 3

There is a ton of hype occurring with the new Oculus updates, but only a few of them are getting the most attention. While we've already published articles covering some of the new and exciting...

VR Fitness Naysayers Are Wrong…And Here’s Why

Any time that a person brings up using virtual reality for working out, the negative comments immediately begin: "Sweat in a heavy VR headset? LOL, that's disgusting!" "OMG! You'll be tripping all over the wire!" "You'll get...

How To Choose The Best VR Fitness Experience

VR Fitness is an ever-changing, ever-increasing world and with that, we are now getting a larger variety of experiences to choose from. Having said that, choosing amongst this variety can be difficult. We get...
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