Monday, March 1, 2021
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This is where we talk about all the VR games in the market that actually impact fitness and health. This will cover current games and soon to be released games. In addition, you can get game reviews and rankings.

Chop Down Virtual Trees in Limberjack

After a long hard day, one might sit at the fire and enjoy themselves. Then again, one might also want to take on another job that's unpaid for the simple joy of hacking away...

Add a New Twist to Your Workout with MarchQuest

MarchQuest blends a sophisticated mythical adventure with a sleek VR Fitness app, putting it on the cutting edge of innovative RPGs for iPhones. Players act as The MarchWarden, a hero on a quest to...

Shield Yourself from Your Music (and get super fit) with Audioshield

Back in the early days of music based games, a game called AudioSurf was made. This was one of the first and most widely know audio games to incorporate music as an obstacle in...

Best Cardio Ever? Try Zombies, Run!

If you have ever thought you would survive in a Zombie Apocalypse, now is your chance to prove it. If you have ever found that something chasing you would encourage you to run faster...

Headshots and Weight Loss in Holopoint

It has been a long dream of the everyday gamer to hold a bow and arrow inside of a game. With Tomb Raider and Crysis 3 playing into the hearts of these gamers, we...

Get Fit with Next Gen Laser Tag Game

Do you like first person shooters, but also need exercise and don't want to give up that time you play with video games? This is perfectly understandable and that's where, the MM-Laser Tag...

Blast Fat and Bust Up Zombies with HordeZ

If you have ever wanted to jump in a movie to fight off a zombie horde or if you just like the zombie genre in general, then HordeZ is the perfect game for you....

Make Fat Vanish in Vanishing Realms

Welcome to the very first fully fledged RPG made available for the Virtual World; except that it's not fully fledged and it’s definitely not the first. Either way, Vanishing Realms is a great game...

Join the Fight for Humanity with Ingress

If you have ever wanted to join a massive community in the sake of defending the entirety of Earth, then welcome to Ingress. With its multi-million supported community, this game will literally keep you...

Let Me Take a Selfie… Tennis

Selfie Tennis is best described as Tennis that has no rules in a dream of someone who took a nap after taking LSD. Yes. You read that right. It really is a psychedelic version...
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