Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Read success stories, interviews and motivational features on improved health, fitness, weight loss through the use of VR.

How Alejandro Lost 25lbs Working Out at the Black Box VR Virtual Sport Training...

Fitness transformations are nothing new to VR Fitness Insider. Over the years, we've seen hundreds of people reach their fitness goals using Virtual Reality as their fitness tool. I'm sure some of you reading...

Grand Prize Winner Richard Bernsee Talks about VR Fitness

A lifelong, self-proclaimed “computer geek,” Richard Bernsee recognized in his late teens that he needed to make working out a priority if he wanted to be fit. Exercise is also a nice compliment to...

VR Workouts Fit Perfectly Into Life of a Busy Law Student

Law student Lori Knox focuses on personal and professional goals while she maintains good health through home workouts with the Oculus Quest that fit perfectly into her busy lifestyle. The Quest was released in May...

Lance Jackson Has Lost Nearly 100 Pounds Through Lifestyle Changes that Include VR Fitness

Find the reason. Lance Jackson’s advice for anyone considering a VR fitness program is simple, yet meaningful. It has also helped the 40-year-old lose nearly 100 pounds through a combination of lifestyle changes and VR...

Supernatural is Out Today on Oculus Quest and Will Make Your At-Home Workout More...

In a time where working out at home has become the new norm for millions of people around the world, developer Within has today released Supernatural on the Oculus Quest. Designed from the ground-up for...

Quarantine VR Fitness Survival Guide – How to Stay Active

Lockdown It’s fair to say 2020 has not had the best of starts. As I write this much of the world is on lockdown, with hundreds of millions of people confined to their homes worldwide....

Ashley Riott Used Virtual Reality to Rebuild Her Health and Build a New Life!

Ashley Riott is a colorful character with a VR origin story as striking as her long pink hair. A freak injury while out running led to her being rendered almost completely immobile, and needing...

Oculus Quest Youtuber Matt Quinlan from BMF prepares his 30 day VR Fitness challenge

If you own an Oculus Quest and regularly search Youtube looking for virtual reality content chances are high that you are already familiar with the popular Quest channel BMF. The channel’s owner and host...

ICAROS Combines Fitness and VR; Offers Esports Option

The combination of fitness and virtual reality made the ICAROS seem like a good product to check out at CES 2020 so I headed over to the Sands in Las Vegas. ICAROS GmbH was established...

Oculus Quest VR Fitness Guide | How to Get Started

The cord-free Oculus Quest has been a revelation for virtual reality fitness enthusiasts as it allows players to get their workout in with minimal setup and no fear of tripping over any wires. There...