Monday, January 17, 2022
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Stay up to date with the scientific breakthroughs in VR that impact fitness and health.

VR Innovations in Spinal Surgery

A virtual reality guide for spinal surgery is under development by Philips. The Dutch company recently announced it has developed real-time augmented reality (AR) technology to guide spinal surgery, making these risky procedures less...

See Your Best Self in VR and Become Fitter, Smarter and Richer!

Virtual reality has received a great deal of attention lately, and not just from gamers. There are multiple studies showing that virtual reality experiences could change the way we view ourselves and how we...

Beat Pain with VR (and Get Fitter!)

Most people think of virtual reality (VR) as a high-tech headset for playing exciting games. However, VR has the potential to drastically improve quality of life. This technology will soon help people overcome their...
vr rehab

Medical Game Changer: VR Rehab!

Some people prefer the old ways for a lot of things in life. We get that. But recent research from Tel Aviv University shows that combining traditional physical therapy techniques with modern technological advances...

Victorian-age Tech Could Improve Your VR Performance

It might seem surprising, but researchers have determined that an ophthalmology technique developed during the Victorian Age, combined with state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, could improve user performance in VR environments. Monovision, dating back to the...
kids vr

Guest Editorial: Virtual Reality, Nature and Pain Relief in Kids

Views of nature have been shown to lower stress levels in children, and kids love new tech. So do their parents. Thus, our pilot program: with a growing deficit of nature exposure with greater...
fear vr

Crush Fear with VR!

New evidence suggests virtual reality could help kids stress less about going to the doctor’s office. A pilot study found that VR reduces stress in kids who are scheduled to have injections – one...

Training With a VR Buddy Gets Greater Results!

Millions of people boost their exercise results everyday by working out alongside a training partner. It’s well documented that training in pairs is much more effective than training alone. This however is of course...
vr health

Your VR Health Report

When someone says “VR”, most people think of black headsets strapped to the heads of teens who are hooked on video games. This is a popular misconception that will prove false in the months...

AR Benefits for Patients with Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain is common for people who have lost arms and legs. They experience pain in parts of their body that are no longer connected, and unfortunately this pain can be debilitating. Now,...