Friday, November 27, 2020

Collegiate VR Esports League Experiences Rapid Growth

The Collegiate VR Esports League welcomed ten additional universities for CVRE Season 3, nearly tripling their collegiate representation. As a result of the increased participation, numerous changes had to be made in the way...

VR Esports League for Students Launches in Europe

Collegiate VR Esports has expanded to Europe and qualifiers for CVRE Season 1 begin today with teams competing in Beat Saber, a popular action rhythm game title. Students age 13 and up or alumni...

The Apocalypse Games VR Esports Competition Begins Aug 12

The time has come to take back the world from the onslaught of terrifying creatures trying to rip into your flesh. If you want to survive, you must take action now. The Apocalypse Games, a...

Audio Trip Heads to Oculus Quest This Week

After hitting arcades last August and later coming to Steam and the Oculus store in October, Kinemotik Studios' popular VR dance title Audio Trip is at long last coming to Oculus Quest devices later...

VR Master League to Host Onward Invitational at NiceOne Barcelona

The VR Master League will host an invitational event featuring Downpour Interactive’s Onward at NiceOne Barcelona (N1B), a gaming show dedicated to the world of digital entertainment. With an estimated crowd of approximately 150,000 attendees,...

VR Master League Announces Echo Arena Season 1 Championship

Echo Arena VR Master League Season 1 Championship registrations open today and the road to finals starts with the Challenger Cup on May 2 and 3. Competition will continue throughout May and end in...

Elven Assassin Tournament This Weekend!

On Saturday players have the opportunity to compete in one of three tournaments for Wenkly Studio’s Elven Assassin. Overall winners will take a portion of the $1,100 prize pool and of course bragging rights...

Holodia Launch Holofit Freestyle For Oculus Quest, A Full Body Workout Without The Need...

Fans of Holodia's Holofit on the Oculus Quest now have an extra way to get shredded using the app with the introduction of Holofit Freestyle. I'll let the team themselves explain what it is...

VR Master League Launches Final Assault Season 2

VR Master League kicked off season two of Phaser Lock Interactive’s Final Assault this week, announcing a prize pool of $2,000 and other sponsored prizes. The announcement about season 2 came only days before the...

Echo Combat Beginner Cup Introduces New Players to Competitive VR

Community cups have always been popular events in Ready At Dawn’s Echo VR games and it’s time for the first competition of the year! Registration is now open for the Echo Combat Beginner Cup...
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