Monday, December 4, 2023
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Read success stories, interviews and motivational features on improved health, fitness, weight loss through the use of VR.

Virtual Environments Improve Health Advocacy

Health advocates are always trying to find ways to make their campaigns more impactful and improve their outcomes, but this can be a big challenge. Helping people change their personal behavior, especially when it...

VirZOOMer Loses 50 Pounds Working Out in VR

PR Consultant Will Brierly (CC’ed), who is also the creator of the game Soda Drinker Pro, has lost 50 lbs riding his VR VirZOOM stationary bike. Soda Drinker Pro sounds like the exact opposite of what...

VR Spikes Empathy, Which Can Spark Better Health and Fitness

By now, most people understand the very core basics of virtual reality. Some even understand how this technology improves learning processes, helps people conquer their fears and assists surgeons with medical procedures. What many...

VR Transforms Physical Therapy, One Baby Boomer at a Time

The term “virtual reality” evokes images of gamers huddled around new devices, Millennials sipping coffee as they chat about the latest gadgets, and technophiles miming about in space age glasses at popular events. While...

VR Influences Decision Making To Make You Want to Work Out!

Everyone knows that we are shaped by the experiences we have. We are not the same people now we were a year ago or 10 years ago because of the things that have happened...

Study: Beat Soda Addiction With VR

If you're one of the last few people out there that thinks that virtual reality is just about gaming, it's time to listen up. Countless studies have been touting the benefits of VR for...

Shazam for Your Diet with AR

A healthy body starts with a healthy diet. But why can diet be such a challenge for so many of us? The exact dietary requirements for the human body are heavily debated. Even the...

You Can Now Race and Beat Your Own Avatar at Nike’s “Unlimited Stadium”

What better opponent is there for you to race than the best version of yourself? Nike has unveiled the “Unlimited Stadium” the world’s first LED track creating avatars for runners based on their running tempo....

AR: The New Weapon to Battle Type II Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

If you have type II diabetes or high blood pressure, it’s time to download a new app to help you manage your medications. For Americans living with these two conditions, taking multiple medications and...

World’s first VR-fitness exhibition to be held in Stockholm, Sweden

The connected health and wellness company Great Clarity together with Northern Europe's largest fitness exhibition Fitnessfestivalen hosts The Future Fitness Lab - the first ever solely virtual reality (VR) fitness dedicated event.  In December, the 17th annual...