Friday, December 3, 2021
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Read success stories, interviews and motivational features on improved health, fitness, weight loss through the use of VR.

VR Alone Can’t Make You Lose Weight – But It Helps

When I was sharing my weekly weigh-in reports on Reddit for my 50 Day VR Fitness challenge, I would invariably get one very consistent point of criticism: exercise has little impact on weight loss....

How to Add VR to Your Established Exercise Routine

VR is a great way to get people who don’t like the idea of exercise to achieve fitness gains, but what about the rest of us? I love running, biking, and swimming. For me,...

VR Workout to Blast Your Arms and Shoulders

Who doesn’t want arms capable of delivering a powerful knockout punch or unleashing a deadly flurry of blows at dizzying speeds? I know I do. VR can make that happen and without getting bloody...
Black Box VR - VR Fitness With Weighted Gloves

Adding Weights to Strengthen Your VR Fitness

You've probably heard about using VR to lose weight, but is adding weight to VR an equally good idea? Let's find out! Vests During my 50 Day VR Fitness Challenge, one of the challenges was to rely...

VR Leg Workout To Build Strength and Power

The hips, knees, and ankles can generate incredible explosive speed, strength, and power. In fact, without the lower body, our arms’ ability to throw, punch, and swing couldn’t achieve even half of what they’re...

How David Scott Lost 10 Pounds Using VR

David Scott, owner of Cool Beans Studios and a developer for the VR game Project Shield, is the perfect example of a person using VR to get a fun daily exercise and losing weight...

Sprint Vector review on the fast track!

We are always on the lookout for great new virtual reality games that deliver compelling fitness results. It's not often that we get an early glimpse of one and can eagerly await its release....

How VR is Changing the Way We Look at Fitness

The idea of using virtual reality headsets at home for entertainment and exercise is something you’d expect in the future, but it’s happening right here, right now in 2017. With over 6.3 million VR...

How VR Helps Seniors and People With Disabilities Improve Their Health and Happiness

With seniors over the age of 65 making up 617 million people worldwide and 15% of all people (over a billion) being disabled, health and happiness is an important concept that affects everyone. News flash...

Easy VR Workout That’s Not Just for Beginners

If you’re a fitness novice looking for a way to dip your toe into the world of virtual reality fitness it might be tempting to start out with games that are often cited as...